Great News, Texas: Robert Caro's Newest LBJ Volume Comes Out in May

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A new perspective on this odd couple
It's been -- as always -- a long wait between volumes of Robert Caro's masterful, majestic and compulsively readable biography of Lyndon Johnson.

News has finally come of the new volume, and even better news is that it won't be the last. The new book, Passage to Power, will only cover the years 1958-64, when LBJ took firm control of the presidency.

We have wondered in the past how Caro hoped to contain the 1960 election, the JFK administration and LBJ's White House stint in a single volume; it's excellent to see that won't be the case.

Caro tells the Associated Press he's ready to write the fifth volume, which seems reasonable seeing as how he expected it to be part of the fourth, but we're still betting on a long wait.

His description of Passage to Power:

What do I want to show in this volume? I wanted to show how a master of politics can pick up the reins of power in a time of great crisis and what he can do with that power and the extraordinary results Lyndon Johnson did with it.

It will have been a decade since Master of the Senate was published when the new volume comes out.

For our money, and for what it's worth, the first volume -- 1982's Path to Power -- is the best, but it's not a big drop-off to the others.



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This work by Caro is my road map to my life. Born in 1942 and raised in San Antonio Texas growing up I must heard the LBJ three or four times a day. Corning of age in 1960 LBJ was even more prominent bringing both drama and hope to me and my generation. My love for LBJ peaked in 1964 when I proudly voted for him while I was attending the University of Houston recalling that I saw him in a motorcade the day before JFK was assinated. I didn't believe he could continue the budding JFK legacy, however standing in at the then Jeppesen stadium to vote with thousands of others my sense of hope joy was reinstalled and I was confident better tines for all were to be.Then came Vietnam and LBJ practically overnight changed for me from hero to ultimate villain. I thought this volume would include that era so I could approach closure, now it appears I will have to wait for volume five. I only hope Mr. Caro and I make it.

Brittanie Shey
Brittanie Shey

I love how you're such a history nerd, Rich. LOVE IT.


Path to Power is still one of my all time favorite biographies. So excited about the new one. Now I want to see what doofus comments get made on here....

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