Football! This Weekend's Best Bets: Take the Bullies

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Not when it comes to betting.
Nobody likes a bully.

That is, nobody likes a bully unless that bully can win you piles of loot by doing their bully things. And that's exactly what the gambling gods have continued to bless us with this season.

As I outlined last week, if you just rode the four biggest bullies (Wisconsin, Oregon, Oklahoma State, Stanford, teams that pound much weaker opponents into humiliating submission) in college football this season in games where they were favored by 14 or more, you would have been 21-4-2 against the spread.

Well, make that 23-4-2. The rule hit again twice last weekend.

As Kramer would say, "It's a LOCK, JERRY..."

So no need to get fancy with this week's Best Bets. All four of The Bullies (Yes, they now have proper-noun status) are favored by 14 or more, so let's get right to it...

Oklahoma State -27 over IOWA STATE
With Stanford falling by the wayside last week, the Cowboys unquestionably control their own destiny now as the only other undefeated BCS conference team alongside LSU. They can smell the finish line. If they're going to stumble, it will be in the Bedlam game against Oklahoma on December 3. As last week's 66-6 trouncing of Texas Tech proved, inferior Big 12 opponents get steamrolled by Brandon Weeden. This Friday night tilt gets us out to a nice start this weekend.

Wisconsin -14 1/2 over ILLINOIS
After starting out 6-0, Illinois has lost four straight and when questioned about his job security this week at his press conference, Illini head coach Ron Zook up and walked out of the media session. To be fair, he did warn the media that if they asked about his job, he would leave, but when have threats ever stopped the media? At least Zook is a man of his word.

STANFORD -17 1/2 over Cal
Stanford got exposed a little bit a couple weeks ago by USC when they needed overtime to knock off the Trojans. Against Oregon, they were flat out outclassed, and the message was clear -- against speedy, athletic, talented teams, the Cardinal is at a disadvantage. Fortunately for them this weekend, Cal is not speedy, athletic nor talented.

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