Duane Brown Fined $7,500 for Not Punching Clint Session

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Duane Brown has been defamed.
"It's outrageous, man. Like I said, I was trying to help on the tackle when he got the fumble recovery...I was getting up, pushing off my own leg to get up and one of his teammates came and gave me a little shove, and to catch my balance from falling back on him I put my hand down. And you know, as soon as I got my hand down I hopped up...he even got up, you know, you can see his reaction when he got up, he said nothing to me because there was nothing done, but people are trying to make a story out of it, for whatever reason."

-- Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown regarding his alleged punch on Clint Session (as heard on 1560 The Game)

Much has been made over the last five days about what a "dirty" band of street thugs the Texans have become. The Jacksonville Jaguars departed Reliant Stadium on Sunday afternoon leaving behind a trail of accusations, chief among them that Brown dropped a right fist intentionally into Clint Session's torso after his fumble return in the second quarter.

I'll let you guys be the judge...

Unfortunately, trying to find video on the punch is like trying to locate the weapons of mass destruction. Roger Goodell and his video gestapo seemed to have swept the Internet of all remnants of Brown's "punch." The best I can do is this sequence of pictures from the incident.




I don't know what the big deal is. After all, dude was just trying to keep his balance by putting his hand down. Hell, some of my favorite moments in television, movies and sports are about guys trying to keep their balance by putting their hands down.

Who could forget the time Tony Soprano had to keep his balance with Mikey Palmice right beneath him?

Good thing he had that staple gun, too!

I also like when Obi-Wan Kenobi managed to remain upright by leaning his light saber on that Walrus dude's arm in the cantina (fast forward to 3:45)....

Phew, who knows how bad that could have gotten for Obi-Wan. At his age, he was probably looking at a broken hip if that guy's arm wasn't there.


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Hey Sean,

I've seen two different videos regarding the punch.  One was shown on a Jacksonville tv show, that showed an blatant punch.  The other was posted on McClain's blog a few days ago.  It actually shows a Jacksonville player push Dwayne after he was already up off Sessions.  After he was pushed, he came down on Sessions.  So I'm undecided, and honestly could care less.  Just win baby!!!

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