Dr. Brown Found in Contempt for Stalking Estranged Wife

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Dr. Brown
Cocaine-and-dildo enthusiast Michael Brown has been cited for violating a protective order prohibiting him from following his estranged wife, Rachel.

According to transcripts from a November 11 hearing in the 280th Harris County District Court, Brown's attorney, Mike Debruin, stipulated to an agreement whereby Brown receive a suspended six-day jail sentence "provided that Michael Brown does not surveil or cause surveillance to be placed on Rachel Brown."

Rachel Brown filed for divorce in January; Brown was acquitted in September on charges of assaulting Rachel in 2010.

According to Rachel Brown's divorce attorneys, Marshall Brown (no relation) and Daniel Lemkuil, Brown bought a home at 706 Buckingham Drive, adjacent to the Memorial Drive mansion occupied by Rachel, "for the purposes of harassing, annoying, alarming, abusing, tormenting, or embarrassing" Rachel.

That motion for enforcement, filed October 28, also alleges that Brown hired agents to follow Rachel and to videotape her from the Buckingham home.

Rachel's attorneys also asked the court to "surrender the original and all copies of all photos and videos taken" of Rachel and the couple's children -- as well as anyone else -- entering or leaving the Memorial Drive home.

Since there's also a protective order in the divorce proceedings, it's possible Brown could face contempt citations in that case.

We left a message for Debruin and will update if/when he wants to talk to us about his client's contemptuous behavior.

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He needs more than a six-day time out in county jail. He needs an extended stay in the Harris County Psychiatric Center before he hurts or kills someone.

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