Darrin Doucet, 21, Bayou Body Count No. 174

Categories: Crime

Questions about which of two people shot Darrin Doucet.
A man was shot to death on the northeast side Friday night, and a Harris County grand jury will determine if there will be any charges in the incident.

Darrin Doucet, 21, was visiting a friend in the 10500 block of Kelburn about 8:30 p.m. Friday, Houston police say.

"The two began arguing about a previous, ongoing disagreement," HPD says. "At some point, shots were fired and a third person, a suspect, left the location to call emergency personnel. Doucet's friend also called for paramedics. Paramedics arrived and pronounced Doucet deceased."

Police say that "due to conflicting statements regarding who initially had the weapon and who initiated the confrontation," the grand jury will decide what to do with the case.

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wth smh some1 needs to be punished!!!

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