Darren Aronofsky's Meth Ads: Anti-Drug PSAs That Actually Might Work

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Last week, we posted a list of anti-drug commercials that not only didn't stop any children from doing drugs, but potentially encouraged such abusing behavior. The famed PSA one-liner, "I learned it from watching you," probably made more kids of the '80s wish they were rolling doobies with their dads than scaring them into stopping.

As if the Internet heard the mocking, yesterday four new anti-drug PSAs appeared out of nowhere. The ads were created for anti-meth group The Meth Project and directed by shock and awe director Darren Aronofsky. Aronofsky is most recently famous for his ballet-nightmare drama The Black Swan, but prior to that he directed the drug-abusers nightmare drama Requiem for a Dream. Requiem is a 2-plus-hour anti-drug movie in and of itself, but his new PSAs hit their target in less than a minute each.

The Meth Project released the ads yesterday in tandem with a national campaign in heavy meth-using states such as Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Montana and Wyoming, reaching 90 percent of teens in these areas. The PSAs ask, "What Do You Know About Meth?" and in our viewing of them, we don't want to know anymore! The ads are graphically startling, beautifully shot and hopefully make a dent in this growing problem in our country.

Take a look for yourself, but be warned they are stomach turning.

See the rest of them on The Meth Project's YouTube channel.



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Good powerful stuff on a truly horrible drug, but kids won't consider any drug message as credible until we legalize pot, an herb and not a drug.  That's the starting point - kids know there is nothing wrong with pot yet we continue our "Reefer Madness" mentality, whick discredits any drug message to 12-18 year olds.  Until we get balance, nobody will believe.

That said, meth is a horrible, horrible drug.  


Hello and welcome to LAST YEAR.

Fat Bass Turd
Fat Bass Turd

Awesome ... 'bout time someone created a real(istic) PSA.  Kudos to Aronofsky, The Meth Project and the whole creative team!

Gaff in a Head Act
Gaff in a Head Act

Agreed -- and then I see an ad for a "smoke shop" on the same page. Way to undermine a message!

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