Christopher Clark Pollett: Guilty Child-Porn Plea from Kids' Nonprofit Worker

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Christopher Clark Pollett, a former employee of well-respected kids-and-family nonprofit agency Neighborhood Centers, Inc., has entered a guilty plea to charges of owning a massive cache of child pornography.

Pollett was arrested in January, while still an NCI employee, and charged with possession of more than 17,000 digital images, approximately 400 videos and books and binders of child pornography.

Pollett even had 8 mm films of child porn, prosecutors said.

The porn "included children under the age of 12 being sexually violated by adults, in positions which caused their genitalia to be displayed in a lewd/lascivious manner and being penetrated by a foreign object," the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Pollett will be sentenced in April.

At the time of his arrest, NCI issued this statement:

Neighborhood Centers Inc. is deeply concerned about the allegations against an agency employee.

We learned today that the employee has been charged with distribution of child pornography through use of computers located in his home.

Upon learning of the indictment, Neighborhood Centers Inc. immediately placed the employee on suspension.

The agency has tight controls on internal computer usage, including searches, emails and communications. These controls immediately flag any inappropriate systems usage.

The employee, Chris Pollet, is the Director of Planning, Research & Evaluation. In this position, Mr. Pollet had no direct interaction with clients of the agency.

We reiterate our commitment to serving the citizens of Houston.

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Figgy Jones
Figgy Jones

One thoroughly bad, stinking apple (allegedly) don't spoil the whole bunch...that agency has done some fine work in Houston over the past 100 years or so.

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