Vince Young Needed $8K of One-Dollar Bills at Strip Club, Because He's Big-Time

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VY's probably already thinking of one-dollar bills here.
As noted by our sister blog in the Dallas Observer, former Madison High and UT Longhorn Vince Young has been sued by the strip-club employee who last year said he'd been beaten up by the Eagles quarterback.

Back then he said it was because he had flashed an upside-down Horns sign, but in the suit he filed today, Creiton Kinchen makes a different claim: VY was pissed, he said, because Kinchen would not give him $8,000 in one-dollar bills.

Make it rain!! (Very cheaply.)

Says the suit:

Creiton was working minding his own business in the "cage" area dealing with an employee on credit card issues, when suddenly and without provocation, an intoxicated Vince Young began cursing and making derogatory remarks to Creiton because Creiton refused to sell Vince Young $8,000 (Eight thousand dollars) in $1.00 (One dollar denominations) using Vince Young's credit card. It was Vince Young intention to use the $1.00 bills to tip and throw money at the dancers who would entertain him and his party that evening.

Maybe the story will change again at some point. But for now, let's just wallow in the wonderfulness of imagining VY big-timing it with a decadent display of tossing around Benjamins Jacksons Hamiltons Lincolns Washingtons.

It could have been worse: He could have asked for quarters. That might not have been too dangerous for the dancers, though, seeing as how VY's tosses would likely miss the target.

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Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

Huh, my first comment was censored.  What was my offense?

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

 Please don't judge poor mister Young.  Just like the young men's friends in the Heights burglary-ring story  were kind enough to point out, Vince had a "tough" upbringing.  Maybe the only way he can feel validation is to throw dollar bills at women while objectifying them.  In closing, I leave you with some words from the wordsmith Wreckshit2010, shut up bitch, and fuck all of ya'll.


I can't believe Houston passed on Vince Young. What a bunch of idiots. They would have won so many super bowls by now.


When Dikembe Mutumbo wants to make it rain, he cuts the workload and weight in half by asking for "two dollars bill." VY – work smarter, not harder.

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