Unidentified Highway Construction Worker, Bayou Body Count No. 157

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Allen Kwan: Slammed into a construction worker, cops say.
A drunk driver speeding on the North Freeway early Sunday morning crashed into a closed-off part of the road and killed a construction worker, Houston police say.

Allen Ka-Wong Kwan, 34, was driving a silver Infiniti G35 northbound at a high rate of speed about 3 a.m. Sunday in the 4100 block of the North Freeway when, according to police, he "passed through a construction area with workers present. The vehicle veered into the construction area...and struck one of the construction workers in the closed section of the freeway."

The worker was pronounced dead at the scene; his identity is being withheld pending verification.

Kwan has been charged with intoxication manslaughter.



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Praying 4 all, This is all sad praying for both sides of the families, being a connstuction wrKer & havg to wrk late nights is already dangerous. We as people don't realise drinking & driving Can take a "Big" impact on our life in a Flash. I will pray for both families the lost of a father & husband who had to wrk late that night providing for his loving family, Has for Allen I think this is not at all easy for him eather. Most of us have had a drink & got behind the wheel one time or another, it doesn't take away from what has happen, but just maybe Allen didn't realise how much he had to drink, but the healing process has started it's something that will Never be Forgotten. JUST MAYBE..WHEN this has ran it's course Allen will be a speaker an go to Jr High schools & High schools & share his story maybe he will then touch someones life..that could start drinking & wanting to drive. THEY MAY THINK ABOUT ALLEN COMING TO THE SCHOL & HIS STORY. it starts in high school trying to be cool! my thoughts & prayers again go out to both healing familys

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