Steven Christopher Willis, 23: The Girlfriend Who Said He Accidentally Stabbed Himself Faces Murder Charges; Bayou Body Count No. 167

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Photo by HPD
Angel Rankin: Wanted for murder after story fails to hold up.
When the story of Steven Christopher Willis's September 16 death first came out, we noted it raised a few questions.

His girlfriend, Angel Lee Rankin, 34, said she had called Willis to come help her with her stalled car. They had to use a paring knife to open the damaged hood, and Rankin said Willis accidentally and fatally stabbed himself in the chest while trying to do it.

Today Houston police announced murder charges have been filed against Rankin and she is on the run. "Further investigation," they say, pointed to her as a suspect, HPD says.

Anyone with information on Rankin's whereabouts is urged to contact the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.



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I could see something accidentally stabbing themself. Just not fatally and in this instance it is obviously not the case. I have stabbed or almost stabbed myself with various thing like a nail file or a butter knife, but we're to believe he was just carrying a paring knife and decided to use that to jimmy the hood? I hope her punishment fits the crime. what was even the motive?

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Secure Our Border NOW

The whole stabbed himself to death with a paring knife was pretty far out there.


Not really. I stabbed myself to death a few years back


The spelling of your name reminds me of a case of a missing girl that was abducted by her mother's boyfriend after the mother was murdered. I think it was Brittanie Mae

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