Steve Spurrier Ostracizes a Reporter (w/ 5 Great Press Conference Rant Videos)

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Steve Spurrier
I'm always amazed at how most college football coaches are able to compartmentalize the criticism they get from the media when they sit down with media members in person. I mean, no one likes to be told about the things they suck at, much less be reminded of it and criticized for it by a group of people who, for the most part, don't know what in the blue hell they're talking about. (And yes, I'm raising my hand.)

Criticism is one thing, lying about someone is another altogether, and this was hammered home this week by University of South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier.

In his weekly press conference, the ol' ball coach went all-in on Ron Morris, a columnist for The State, for supposedly lying about Steve Spurrier's recruitment of a Gamecock basketball player to the football team.

Bonus points for Spurrier for this incredibly creative approach -- instead of kicking Morris out of his press conference, he decides to change the format to one-on-one interviews in the other room. So theoretically, he didn't give Morris the heave-ho. Technically, I guess there was still an event at the scheduled time in the press room. It was just missing small details like other media members, microphones and Steve Spurrier speaking.

Basically, the scheduled event still existed, it's just that Steve Spurrier stripped it down and sold the parts.

We'll see if this sticks, or if Morris is invited again next week. In other words, speaking fluent Gamecock, is this a one-week Stephen Garcia-style benching or is this a permanent Stephen Garcia-style dismissal? Both have been in play for the actual Gamecocks in the last month.

Above all else, Steve Spurrier is a great American because this gives me a reason to dust off a few more great "coach press conference" rants.

4. Mike Gundy -- "I'm a man, I'm 40!"
If coaching rants were Beatles songs, this beauty is Hey, Jude. An all-timer, still to this day. By the way, do we know if the writer of the column ever ended up having a kid? And do we know if the kid wound up being fat?

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WHAT??? No comments?? U gotta luv Gundy for sticking up for his guy. And really as a reporter, dont u have to be blessed to cover that jewel of a walking soundbite in Knight?

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