Did Steeler Fans Take Over Reliant Again? And Can This Now Stop?

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Photo by Marco Torres
Heinz Field South, once again
Everyone knows the Pittsburgh Steeler fans travel better than any NFL team outside of the Cowboys.

But the Texans are a real team now, we're told, and they certainly dominated the Steelers yesterday to a degree that the scoreboard doesn't indicate.

So why was Reliant Stadium feeling so much like Heinz Field South?

Some tweets about the game:

@E_Sanders88 SteeerNation is going to be full effect at Reliant. Can a Steeler fan in Houston get a RT?

@Nzingah: Steeler fans are out deep at Reliant.

@djriddler: Steeler fans by the droves piling into Reliant. @DJBonics @bdix73 It's gonna crazy today!

@ txrunningchick: Beautiful day at reliant stadium. Lots of steeler fans. Hoping for a win

@AlexYbarra: So many Steeler fans at Reliant Stadium, although I'm not surprised. They are the Steelers.

@alicialfisher: Steeler nation is represented! (@ Reliant Stadium for Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Houston Texans w/ 70 others)

@CCC6 at Reliant stadium now .. You wouldnt believe all the Gold and black and terrible towels.. Csnt believe all these Steeler fans

@Chris_Hill_ : Even worse than all the Steeler fans in Reliant, Dan Dierdorf on my TV.

@ ChrisYBaldwin: Is this Reliant or Heinz Field South? Tons of those yellow Terrible Towels in building. Lots of closet Steeler fans in Houston

@ dustinbennett76: Touchdown 14-0! Glad FOX26 wont show Cowboys game bc they play same time Texans do while Reliant is filled 1/3 with Steeler fans #ShowBoth!

@astockey: @Houston ... Early observations: Steeler Nation well represented @ Reliant. On field, Steelers very fortunate to be down only 10-0.

@SernaSays: I wanna slap the fuck out of every steeler fan in Reliant.

At least there was this, after the game:

@Hilton_boii: Just passed by reliant look like a lot of angry steeler fans still

People: This must end. If you're a Texan fan, show up. If you have to sell your ticket because of a death in the immediate family, check the accent on your buyer. One "yinz" and it's no sale.

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There were a LOT of them there. And they were obnoxious and loud...at the beginning...The two behind me left at the third or fourth sack.  


That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I live in Houston but will be a Steelers fan for life. I still want to see the Texans do well also. No one should be complaining about anything or making comments about our towels. Steelernation came to Reliant Stadium with class and dignity and, although we lost, we enjoyed the game. And unlike last year when all those Dallas fans came to town, no changes to any rules will be needed. We travel well and respect the places we visit. Some Houston fans need to be a liitle more respectful towards the visitors. Visit Heinz Field and you'll find out what I'm talking about (unless you're a Browns fan)! I'm looking forward to playing the Texans again in January...if not this year then next.


So glad the Steeler fans all brought their "terrible towels" to the game yesterday.  Gave them something to wipe their tears with after the game.  GO TEXANS!!!!


A lot of the Steeler fans I ran into and spoke with actually live in Houston!

Houston is the kind of city that has the industry to support jobs that people from all over the US and the world come here to work.

It is strange to see so many 'other' fans in our house but then again, most of them are Houstonians!


 - @Chris_Hill_ : Even worse than all the Steeler fans in Reliant, Dan Dierdorf on my TV. -

Damn straight, freakin' Dierdorf couldn't find one positive thing to say about the Texans until the game was over.


Chris Hill YOU hit the nail one the head too much DIERDORF  most biased person in sports PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There's always a bad seed in the bunch but overall, as a Houstonian originally from the Burgh, I'm proud of Steelernation. It was nice to see Texans and Steeler fans partying in the parking lot. With that said, I'm looking forward to seeing the Texans stomp on the Raiders next week. They've earned their respect and I have no problem admitting that.

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

Well said sir, with respect, I don't care for the Steelers myself, but their fans surely conducted themselves better than the damn Yankees that came down from that shit-hole next to Fort Worth.


That guy was driving me crazy... all he could talk about was how great Roethlisberger was while the Texans were blowing him up. Hell, even my wife, who rarely watches games, could tell within 10 minutes the guy was an avid Steelers fan.


I made that same point on Sports Radio 610 this morning. Dallas fans are idiots. Hence the reason I had to show a ticket to walk into a parking lot yesterday. Jerry Jones and his money may rule the airwaves but I'm not impressed with their team OR their fans. And they're proud of themselves....go figure.

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