The Oh-So-Charming (Alleged) Sexual Slurs at a Bonham Car Dealer

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Manager obsessed with oral sex, suit says.
A veteran salesperson at a Bonham car dealer has sued the company, saying a supervisor there regularly used sexually abusive language in dealing with her.

The plaintiff worked for the dealership for almost ten years; the last five of those, she says in her suit, were under a supervisor who made the job hell.

When management heard she was considering the suit, she says, she was told that if she filed her complaint, she should "pack her shit and leave."

The suit includes a full menu of alleged incidents and bons mots; let' s take a look.

The filing includes an asterisk in the expletive-ish words, so you'll have to figure them out on your own.

-- The manager "regularly called out to [the woman], 'Hey c*nt, come over here."

-- He sometimes referred to her as "g*sh." NOTE: We guess it's possible he was referring to the woman as former movie star Lillian Gish.

-- He often asked her if she had "s*cked the d*ck" of a prospective male car buyer.

-- He asked her if she would "eat the p*ssy" of a prospective female car buyer.

-- He once told her she should go to Walmart, "offer 'bl*w jobs' for $20" and bring him the money.

-- He once asked her, "in the presence of a prospective male vendor and his son, whether she wanted to 's*ck the d*ck' of the vendor's son."

What the f*ck?

The suit says the woman was successful in her job, which was one reason she stayed on after the alleged abuse began -- "she was making a good income with which to support her family: two daughters and a grandson."

No dollar figure is specified in the suit for damages being asked.

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Dudley "Booger" Dawson
Dudley "Booger" Dawson

These sales tactics are deplorable.  A woman willing to apply an oral vaccum to my phallus shows me she is desperate to sell the car and will only make me want to drive the price down even more.  I'll give you a pearl necklace, you knock off 6k and we have a deal.


He must be mentally retarded. Or not. Either way, his IQ must be really, really low.


Sure he'll remember the details of his slurs, though at the moment he "can't recall" any of it.

Hugh Ramsey
Hugh Ramsey

"Not everybody is a perfect person in this world. I mean, everyone does ... kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me. 

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