City Council Candidate Randy Locke Delivers Emptiest Threat Possible

He's got work to do.
Randy Locke is running for City Council District C; if his Web site is any indication, his campaign slogan is "This Site Is Under Construction."

He's also failed to file the campaign-finance report required 30 days before the election. And, not to put too fine a point on it, but he's got as much chance of winning the seat as Jon Huntsman does the GOP presidential nomination.

That hasn't stopped him from throwing around threats about how he's going to wield power once he reaches City Hall, however.

Here's an e-mail he sent to the Oak Forest Homeowner's Association this week:

I find it interesting that the Oalk Forest Civic association has ignored me and not included me in the process for the city council race for district C.

This is not good for the people of Oak Forest bcecause when I am elected, it will be difficult to engage you about the issues North of 610 when you have ignored me and not invited me to candidate forums, debates, and other events. Just remember that you have done so. You have so carefully disrciminated against me, a viable candidate for the district; and you have no excuse for doing so other than selfish stupidity.

"The president of the association replied to Mr. Locke and let him know that he had the opportunity to apologize for the email and has not received a response back," Megan Stark, a volunteer with the homeowner's association, told Hair Balls. The group did not host any candidate forums, she said.

Oak Forest, your days are numbered. You have incurred the wrath of Randy Locke. And as soon as he finishes his Web site, he's coming after you.

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I just wanna know: whatever happened to Lance Lalor? Or Jew Don Boney or that other guy who was elected and turned out had never had a bank account?

Jim C
Jim C

I used to be on the board of an HOA.  Never realized it was our job to include anyone in the process for the city council race.  We were too busy fixing roofs and resolving our drainage issues.  Oops.

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

I would say electing this self-involved dickhead would be the worse thing for the people of Oak Forest.  I'm guessing he proof-read that email, so I find it interesting he actually hit the send button.

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