Michael Lund: Cop Arrested for DWI after Driving Through Accident Scene

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Michael Lund, 27-year vet
A veteran Sugar Land police captain was arrested for DWI early this morning after cops say he drove through a blocked-off accident scene.

Michael Lund was arrested shortly after midnight near the scene of a large accident at Dairy Ashford and Highway 90A.

The Stafford police, who are handling the investigation, say Lund was stopped trying to get through the blocked intersection, and a Sugar Land officer believed he was drunk and asked Stafford PD to take over.

Sugar Land released the following statement:

Sugar Land Police Capt. Mike Lund was arrested last night and charged with driving while intoxicated. The arrest was made by a Stafford police officer assisting SLPD with traffic control at U.S. Highway 90A and Dairy Ashford.

Lund has been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of criminal investigations by Stafford PD and the Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office, as well as an administrative investigation by SLPD Internal Affairs.

Lund has been a police officer for 27 years. He is currently responsible for the support division which includes detention, recruiting and training, fleet and uniform services and records.


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mexican guess
mexican guess

Hi, could someone tell me about a car accident in Houston, where he died a Mexican woman? dated Friday, October 28, 2011 by

Cameron Lee Davis
Cameron Lee Davis

Ive been to chilis bar and grill on highway 59 and williams trace probably 25 times with buddies and captain mike is there every single night of the week at the bar drinking mixed drinks.  He is a huge alcoholic and needs to learn hes not above the law and can really hurt himself because he drinks everynight to the point of getting really really intoxicated ive seen it multiple times.


That's sad.  Lund is obviously very troubled to be in his position and to then get drunk, drive, and try to cross that intersection.  I will bet that he thought his badge would get him across that intersection OK.  It is commendable that his co-workers would have the juevos to do the right thing and put the cuffs on him.

A friend of mine just got sentenced for her first DWI at age 58 - she got one years probabtion, must have a breathalyzer installed in her car, serve a 3-day jail sentence, and pay fines and court costs, etc.  The matter has been very detrimental to her career as a medical professional.

It will be interesting to see how Captain Lund fares.  I'll bet he gets off easy because he's "one of them".

Secure Our Border NOW
Secure Our Border NOW

 That was probably where he was coming from since it's right down the road from where he was arrested.


This is not the only time this officer has driven while drunk. And you're probably right, he'll probably get off easy.

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