The Price Is Right, Dr. Brown Style

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An impressively chaotic inventory
In honor of this week's feature story on former hand surgeon and all-around weird dude Michael Brown, and seeing as how it's Friday, we thought we'd have some fun with a Price Is Right-style walk through the inventory of belongings in Brown's 2005 bankruptcy filing. We must point out, though, that he emerged unscathed from his Chapter 11 filing, as his adjusted gross income in 2009 was $18 million.

Here are some of the items he listed -- lovers of bronze and/or wildlife will be pleased. Can you guess each item's value? Hint: Prices range from $10 to $1,500.

Bronze lions
Bronze birds
Letter from George Bush
Bronze leopard
Muhammad Ali memorabilia
Bronze statue of a buffalo
Statue of child with rooster
Bronze bison statue
Christmas carousel
Ape head statue
Muhammad Ali book
Hen statues
Leather chaps
Leather gloves
Leather garments
Stuffed bear
Entertainment system for disco lights
Tanning beds
Mounted pheasants
Kodiak brown bear
Decorative sword
Painting of lion
Mask with feathers
Bronze statue of Indian and horse
Coffee table books
Hunting knives
Cape buffalo
Gold chain
Aromatherapy bed
Free weights
Bronze parrot

By the way, we call dibs on the fucking leopard.

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big red
big red

Leather chaps - women's I presumeMask with feathersMounted pheasants - I presume they were mounting each otherAromatherapy bed

man, this guy is an off the charts sex maniac, but we knew that already

Jim C
Jim C

So is the picture on the cover that of Dr. Brown or the ape head statue?  It's hard to tell the difference.

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