Houston Texans Game 5 -- 4 Winners, 4 Losers (This Doesn't Go Well For Jacoby Jones)

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Photo by Marco Torres
Thus endeth the lesson
Be sure to check out the rest of our pics from Sunday's game.

As we were driving slowly down Murworth to park in the Teal Lot before the Texans game on Sunday, my girlfriend Amy and I noticed a father with two boys (presumably his sons) around the ages of nine or ten stopped on the sidewalk having a heated discussion. Clearly, the younger of the two was in some kind of hot water as we overheard the father lobbing the empty threat of "Okay fine, we WON'T go to the game!"

(And when I say we "overheard" the father chiding his son, yes, we had rolled down the window so we could hear the tirade. Schadenfreude.)

My thoughts on this as it was occurring:

1. As a child, I heard the "Fine, we won't do the [fill in name of 'expensive, previously planned for months in advance' activity here]" on occasion. As an adult, I realize what utter bullshit this threat is. If any kids out there are reading this, just know you would have to shove your younger sister into an oncoming bus and then pee on her corpse in order for your parents to eat a thousand dollars worth of football tickets. Anything short of that, the show will go on. Just trust me.

2. After hearing the empty threats of that Murworth parent, I'm pretty sure we could hire any parent of a truculent second grader to run the NCAA and we wouldn't even know the difference. If you don't stop paying these players, we're not going to let you go to Tempe next year, and if you think I'm kidding, just try me!

3. The kid had a Matt Schaub jersey on. In my opinion, it would've been a much more effective threat if the father told the kid that he would have to wear a David Carr jersey if he didn't settle down. (I'm a very innovative parent when I want to be.)

As it turns out, maybe the kid should've pushed his sister into traffic to see if his old man would follow through on the threat because the ending of yesterday's Texans-Raiders game was a swift kick in the junk, an alternative ending to the same soul-crushing movie we've seen for three years now.

Consider the following categories in which the Texans held a decided statistical advantage:

-- First downs (21 to 11)
-- Total yards (473 to 278)
-- Third down efficiency (40 percent to 20 percent)
-- Penalties (Texans committed six for 50 yards, the Raiders eleven for 89 yards)
-- Time of possession (34:25 to 25:35)

And in the end, all that seemed to matter were the categories where the Raiders held the edge:

-- Turnovers forced (2 to 1)
-- Ghosts of dead owners (1 to 0)
-- Points (25 to 20)

The Raiders won the game on Sunday, an emotional one for a team that had lost its patriarch Al Davis less than 48 hours before kickoff when he passed away at the age of 82. As always, within the win on the scoreboard for the Raiders, there were individual winners and losers. Here they are:

4. Gary Kubiak's tight end fetish
With Andre Johnson out with a hamstring injury, Gary Kubiak had to figure out new and exciting ways to get the ball down the field. We all know that Kubiak has had a fetish with tight ends over the last few years, and today that fetish paid off with Joel Dreessen (five catches, 112 yards, one touchdown) and Owen Daniels (seven catches for 89 yards) doing the most damage to the Raiders in the passing game. Kubiak's tight end addiction is easily my favorite fetish that doesn't involve Rex Ryan uttering the words "Can I smell them?"

3. Brian Cushing
I don't know why Brian Cushing appears to have regained his maniacal edge from two seasons ago, and frankly I don't care. I'm just glad he has it back. On Sunday, he was tossing Raiders around like they had trashed his Trans Am and covered it in graffiti.

2. Bribery
So the Texans have always had an issue with fans being in their seats in time for the opening kickoff, due in large part to years of piss-poor football and the allure of much cheaper beer in the parking lot. Techniques employed to get fans to enter the stadium sooner have included begging as well as the installation of a horn that blows fifteen minutes prior to kickoff to remind fans that the sweet mojo of .500 football and nine dollar beers awaits. Both tactics have failed. So now the Texans will try and cajole you into the stadium the good ol' fashioned way -- bribery! Each Sunday, one lucky EARLY ARRIVING fan will become 100 Texan bucks richer! So by eschewing the lure of cheap beer and homemade tailgate grub, you may have a one in several thousand chance to buy half an Andre Johnson jersey! Cue Clay Walker!

1. Hyperbole
Hue Jackson, Raiders head coach after the game: "I know nobody picked us to win this game. Nobody thought we could win this game and we did."

Someone needs to tell Hue that the line on the game went from Texans minus 7 at the beginning of the week to Texans minus 6 on Friday to Texans minus 4.5 at game time. Someone believed in the Raiders. Degenerates believed in the Raiders. (By the way, few things are more annoying than the "nobody believed in us" when, in fact, there were believers. It's not like the Raiders were a two-touchdown underdog.)

4. Matt Schaub
I've been a staunch a Schaub supporter as anybody, but I think if you ask the question is Matt Scahub a quarterback who you can count on to go win a game for you, the possession arrow is pointed toward "No." Against the Saints a couple weeks ago, Schaub was awesome the entire day except for the red zone and in the fourth quarter, which is like saying we really enjoyed our meal except for the wine and steak. Against the Raiders, Schaub had a mind-boggling seven passes batted down by the Raiders defensive line and was just a little off all day long, clearly missing Andre Johnson. Right now, there's the first tier of quarterbacks (Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning when healthy) and then there's a second tier full of guys who can't seem to get out of their own way when it matters most -- Vick, Eli Manning, Ryan, Sanchez, Romo, and Schaub. Of course, today Schaub wasn't done any favors by....

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rated t for terrific
rated t for terrific

our season is over.  the bandwagon is aflame.  Mario is the deathknell.  Schaub is the reaper.  Kubiak is the cause of death. 

Absolutely no passion/execution in the second half. and thats 100% coaching 

julian brock
julian brock

without Schaub we'd be worse off than without AJ or Mario. 

and what's up with Foster having 100+ yds recieving?  Hell line him up in the slot once Tate comes back. :)


In other news...a great week for the Cowboys and their fans for several reasons. The Eagles and Giants lost. AND they didn't play. That way Romo couldn't EFF it up at the end.

I'd still take Romo ANY day of the week over Schaub.  


At least Cushing found a new way to mask all those steroids.  Great to have you back Cush.


Sean, you are short on memory and equally lacking in IQ.  The only time Jones shines is on the broken play - a punt or the wild scramble for td catches at the end of game or in OT.  Yesterday, he caught the only catchable ball thrown his way.  If Mr. Statuesque could move even enough to find the proper throwing lane, several of his throws would not be tipped.  Kubiak is an offensive coordinator and McNair will continue to pay for keeping him as a head coach.  He lacks the intenstity and will never command the respect necessary.  The Texans are not good w/o Andre and that reality will not soon change.

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

I know one thing, Matt Schaub needs to give back his check from this game.  I have been the lone Schaub supporter amongst my friends, but not anymore.  Seven batted down passes?  Then factor in how many times he had an open man and under, or overthrew the pass.  I have always thought he was a pretty good quarterback, but he just doesn't have "it".  I am so tired of watching him walk around the field like he just took his dose of lithium.  He has no fire or passion whatsoever.As far as Jacoby Jones, take your act to the Arena league my man.

Jon Pierre
Jon Pierre

I'm glad to see somebody in the houston sports writing world finally call out Matt Schaub. We won't EVER win big games as long as Schaub is ok with just being part of a win instead of being the REASON we win


After the game I told my wife, "I need to see how many times Jacoby was targeted compared to his catches.  He was terrible."  However, I never expected 11 to 1.  ANY replacement player would have been better than that.  There was one key 3rd down in the 4th quarter where he ran a 15 yard out and stumbled on his cut.  Ball was where it needed to be but Jones ended up having to dive for it because of the stumble.  There were several other route running mistakes where it looks like Schaub threw a poor ball but you could tell Jones didn't run the right route.



your second sentence has some merit, the 'execution" part at least. And it's a five-game season, huh? Sorry, must have missed that announcement by Roger Goodell.


Agreed about Schaub. If he goes down, our season is over. Period, end of story. People who think he should be benched in favor of Leinart are lunatics.

You just have to take the bad with the good, and Schaub has to deal with being under the microscope.

Sean Pendergast
Sean Pendergast

Is this your real name?

Btw, when did I wish Mario getting hurt?

Sean Pendergast
Sean Pendergast

Chip -- Shines on the broken play? The final play of the game was a broken play and Jacoby completely effed it up. Go look at it.  Also, those "bad throws" by Schaub, a lot of them are throws he completes to Andre Johnson in his sleep. Jacoby is a bad route runner and a bad receiver. I'm not sticking up for Schaub, but Jacoby caught one ball and was targeted 11 times. No other receiver who had ten or more targets in the league Sunday was even close to that awful percentage.

But good "IQ" blast. Love the anonymous tough guy syndrome on the comments, "Chip." Awesome.


you kept talking how worthless he was in the preseason.  which is really ignorant for a sports journalist, such as yourself. did you really think Phillips was showing any of his playbook in the preseason?

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