Hobby Airport Renovations Promise to Make Air Travel Even More Fun for the Next Year

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Once you're inside, it's back to all the ease and comfort of air travel.
Nothing these days is as soothing, hassle-free and just plain fun as flying on a commercial airline.

So the fact that starting today, repairs are going to be causing detours for the next year in traffic circulation at Hobby -- well, everything has to have some little tiny glitch to it, right?

A $6 million project to improve the ticket-level entrance ramp will be bringing the fun. It began today.

The biggest change is that cars dropping off passengers will be using the second-floor garage level to do so, an utterly romantic spot for that good-bye kiss.

Here are the official tips for survival:

-- If you are picking up arriving passengers, we encourage you to park in the Passenger Pick Up Waiting Lot, off of Airport Boulevard and wait until you receive a call or text from family or friends saying they are ready to be picked up outside baggage claim

-- Use fly2houston.com flight tracker to check on status of flights or call (281) 230-7000
If you are flying on Southwest Airlines and want to use curbside check-in, you will be directed to go to the first level near baggage claim

-- Once you are in the new second floor drop off area in the garage, you will be directed to use a crosswalk on the east side of the parking garage transitioning to the main terminal lobby area

-- If you want to park and go into the terminal, you may still park in the garage, or better yet, please consider our new ecopark lots within easy walking distance to the terminal for your convenience

-- Arrive at airport two hours before your scheduled departure

And most important of all -- enjoy yourself.

The airport system will be posting extra people to help everyone cope with the changes. There's a chance it can go relatively smoothly.

And, of course, there's a chance it could not.

The project's Web site has all the info you need, including a video.

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Scott Bodenheimer
Scott Bodenheimer

I just hope that Houston airports keep up the longstanding tradition of truly abysmal signage.  I parked in that "Cellphone Lot" at Hobby, and couldn't believe how podunk and crappy the signage was to indicate how you you entered the terminal.  When you finally get inside, it's some dark corridor, with no clue of where you are in respect to the arrivals waiting area.  So like Houstonians of old, you just have to wander around until something looks familiar.  For the life of me, I can't understand why Harris County Airport officials can't understand that somebody doesn't already know exactly where to go and park and wait.  All they need to do is follow behind some average person with a clipboard and respond to the steady stream of cursing and bewilderment with some useful and legible signage.  


link to project's website doesn't seem to work?


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