HISD Joins the Lawsuit Against State's Educational Funding Plan

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Taking it to the courthouse.
The Houston school board voted unanimously this morning (with four absentees) to join the burgeoning lawsuit against Rick Perry's latest funding scheme for public education, which cuts $5 billion over the next two years.

HISD's state funding was cut $78 million this year, and the district expects an additional $122 million cut in 2012-2013.

"Raising local property taxes is not the solution," said HISD Board President Paula Harris. "We kept our tax rate low and shame on anyone in Austin who says, 'We shouldn't have to fix school finance for Houston ISD because you're not raising taxes.'"

HISD is joining a Travis County lawsuit against the funding plan; the district says it plans to spend as much as $65,000 on legal fees.

They'll be represented by David Thompson.

"We are dramatically raising the standards more than at any time in the history of the state of Texas and we are simultaneously cutting funds," Thompson said. "It is time to ask our judiciary to once again be involved in this issue."

Other local districts who have joined the suit are Fort Bend, La Porte and Pearland.

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You can't sue a plan.  You can sue a state.  Perhaps that's what you meant.

And you have to sue for something.  Is there a law allegedly violated, a contract allegedly breached?  If so, could you please report that?  I remain woefully uninformed after reading this.

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