Gadhafi Sodomized Before Dying: 5 Other Gruesome Dictator Deaths

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Oliver Cromwell rested easy for only a short while.
New video seems to show that Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi was forcibly sodomized as he slowly died from gunshot wounds.

Not a great way to go, but he wouldn't be the first dictator to either suffer from a tortured death or have his corpse desecrated by revenge-seekers.

There's something about reaping what you sow, but there's also, you know, the whole "be civilized" thing and not stooping down to a monster's level.

First, the graphic video of Gadhafi's rape, then the unhappy outcomes of five other dictators.

5. Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell's genocide of the Irish didn't stop him from being a hero to some (many?) in England, even to this day.

When he died in 1658, he was buried with great pomp in Westminster Abbey. He stayed there for three years, until his body was dug up, ritually executed (which is really gilding the lily) and then his corpse was hung in chains and eventually tossed into a pit. Except for the head, which was displayed publicly on a pike in London for two decades.

At least we got Elvis Costello's "Oliver's Army" out of his exploits.

4. Roman Emperor Valerian
While he may not have been as bloodthirsty a dictator as, say Adolf Hitler, Valerian was still a Roman emperor. And, even with all the "What have the Romans ever done for us" and all, Roman emperors could be a pretty bad lot.

Valerian paid the price, if legend is true. He was captured by the Persian King Sapor through some trickery in 260, and that was only the beginning. Sapor used him as a footstool and, when that began to get boring, forced him to drink molted-down gold. For the piece de resistance, he then had Valerian's body skinned, stuffed with straw and mounted as a trophy.

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Danielle Russell
Danielle Russell

Hi Richard! I remember the following sayings when i read what happened to the dictator.  Those who live by the gun, die by the gun. What goes around comes around. We will reap what we sow. Crime does not pay.


I saw a report that Gadhafi was sodomized WITH A KNIFE.Arab Spring or not, that's pretty friggin' harsh.


I think ceausescu's execution was pretty brutal too...a brief one-hour trial followed by death by firing squad...there's even video footage of it.


AGREED .........!  but what did he do to his people ?  did he do that to the people too his people !   that is what monsters beats do to the human race !  EVILNESS has no place in the HUMAN RACE !  N O N E  !

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