Five Great Coaches Fights, in Honor of Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz

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The silly ritual of the coaches' post-game handshake got taken to a new level Sunday when the odious Jim Harbaugh celebrated his 49ers victory a little too enthusiastically while shaking the hand of Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz.

Schwartz took after him, entertainingly.

It didn't escalate to fisticuffs, but that doesn't mean coaches haven't squared off before. Here are five of the best:

5. Lindy Ruff & Brian Murray, NHL We are shocked to find an NHL clip. This came after a brawl between the Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators, and the two coaches apparently decided a frank exchange of views was needed as to which team was at fault. Bonus: F-bomb clearly dropped Double Bonus: The rinkside reporter standing right between them, staying as stiff and motionless as a Buckingham Palace guard.

4. NBA Development League Eric Musselman and Kevin Young have words. One gets knocked to the ground by his player who is attempting to be a peacemaker.

3. Herb Brooks and Jacques Demers Miracle on Ice's Herb Brooks takes on Jacques Demers. Monsieur Demers is now a Conservative Party Senator in Canada's Parliament.

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kids clothes
kids clothes

"The silly ritual of the coaches' post-game handshake ..."

It only seems silly if you don't understand what it's about. And if it serves no other meaningful purpose, at least it allows spectators and fans to easily identify people like Harbaugh and Schwartz and gives them to chance to see and understand what it is they are rooting for.

Some Guy
Some Guy

Come on, John Chaney and Jon Calipari?  Temple v UMass?  That might be the most hilarious coach fight ever.  I suppose since technically, neither guy actually got in a hit, it wouldn't make this list, but I think it should given an honorable mention.

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