Endeavour Crew Stabs Houston in Back (Sorta) Over Getting a Retired Shuttle

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Mike Fincke: What can you expect from a Steeler fan?
Houston, still smarting over missing out on a retired space shuttle, now gets to hear NASA astronauts going on and on about how the decision was a great one.

Members of the Endeavour crew were in Los Angeles recently to take part in the California Science Center's formal acceptance of their aircraft, which should have gone to Houston, dammit.

Pilot Greg "Box" Johnson and mission specialists Mike Fincke and Drew Feustel spoke with the Los Angeles Times about their ship and its new home.

So did they stand up and say "Houston got screwed!!" Alas, they did not:

Q: I want to get your views on the space shuttle selection process. Did any of you think Houston should've gotten a space shuttle?

Johnson: Of course. Trouble is, there's not enough space shuttles to go around. I know there's a lot of logic going into the thinking. We have a bunch of smart people. The space shuttle was born here in California. There's a population center here in California.

Fincke: This is a bastion of aerospace.

Johnson: So it's a great choice. Did Houston want to have a shuttle? Of course they did. But there were a lot of other places that wanted a space shuttle as well. If we could've had all five -- [laughter].

Fincke: Endeavour saved her best flight for the last. She had no anomalies. Essentially, no anomalies on the mission. She's a beautiful, clean bird. She gave it all so that we had an almost flawless mission. And now we know Endeavour is going to a good home. And like Mark Kelly said, her mission is not over.

Fincke -- a Pittsburgh Steeler fan -- twisted the knife even more:

"There is not an aerospace vehicle ever like the space shuttle. And Endeavour is in my mind the crown jewel of the fleet. It's the newest one," he said. "There's never been a spaceship like this before, and for a long time, there won't be.

"So the kids, the parents, here in California, are really lucky to have a chance to spend time with Endeavour. And I hope that they get inspired as much as we are and look forward to the future. And look forward to engineering and science and math -- and all those really cool things that are embodied in such a sexy spacecraft."

Hey Fincke: Texans 17, Steelers 10.

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Even Mark Kelly admitted that LA deserves the Endeavor over Houston, and he’s a Texan. Let me take this moment to berate you Taxes and your distain you must have for science education.  With most of you believing in bible creation, some of the lowest test scores in the country and Rick Perry making major cuts in your education at the same time talking up the Tx economy.  You don’t’ deserve the Shuttle.  The Johnson Space center would have parked the Shuttle in a barn and charged $20 to see it. The California Science center is not only completely amazing, it’s free.  Shame on you Texans for tolerating such ignorance in your state. I wish you would secede. .

Fat Bass Turd
Fat Bass Turd

All three are friggin' yankees ... sponged-off our land, then bit down on our hand.

"Y'all don't come back now, ya hear?"

William Oglesbee
William Oglesbee

The only problem here is the empty space between the ears of this group of idiots who lived off the tax payers for so many years  To bad they were not left in space

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

"If we could've had all five"--(laughter)

Guess they don't get much sensitivity training at astronaut school.

Fat Bass Turd
Fat Bass Turd

I live in Texas, pay my taxes, believe in God, love science and my kids "achieve" at one of the best school districts in the United States.  JSC or Space Center Houston would proudly display a shuttle, and not let it get tagged in some free-bee park in the land of fruits & nuts.  You're obviously a friggin' Democrat ... beatch!

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