Camera Holden, Kinte Garner: Dealing the Bright Blue & Pink Meth, Cops Say

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Canton PD
Holden & Garner: A rainbow of meth, kids!
Police in northeast Texas have arrested two men and seized three pounds of unusual meth.

Last Friday, police in the town of Canton in Van Zandt County noticed 30-year-old Camera Holden driving erratically on Interstate 20. When they tried to pull him over, Holden gunned it and exited on FM 17.

Police allege that somewhere along the line, either Holden or his passenger Kinte Garner chucked two bags of meth weighing a total of three pounds out of the car. Once the men pulled over, police say they also found a little under an ounce of weed in the car.

One bag of the meth is sky-blue, and the other is Barbie-pink.

Back a few years ago, tales of this colored meth were circulating around the Internet, making it all the way to, where its existence was verified, if not some of the more hysterical claims being made about the stuff. (It's cut with Pop Rocks! Dealers are handing it out free at schools! It tastes just like Strawberry Quik! Kids everywhere are in grave danger!)

Well, maybe. Some cops think the color is designed to spark interest among younger folks.

"The pink and blue methamphetamine is marketed simply to appeal to the user and to a younger crowd," Canton Narcotics Officer James Bradshaw tells Tyler-Longview's KLTV. "It's easier to introduce to a new user. It is typically known as strawberry crush or blueberry crush, and as you can see, the color of the pink and the blue is very similar to the color of cotton candy."

Still, it seems doubtful that the dealers are targeting broke-ass sixth graders. Meth dealing is, in the end, a business, and a risky one at that.

And obviously, Bradshaw isn't a fan of Breaking Bad, cause the baby-blue meth may very well be a crude attempt to cash in on Heisenberg's mind-blowingly pure formula.

Canton cops told KLTV that they believe the case will be prosecuted by the feds.

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Dealers do color the meth on purpose, but only so they can easily identify different batches. Its not a by-product from making the drug and its not a marketing ploy. The color additive doesn't change the drug in anyway, except for changing the color. (This is specifically about vibrant colored meth, not light shades, like the light blue on Breaking Bad)


Drain cleaner speed can be painted any color in the world or rainbow. It's still nastiness personified and nothing to get interested in. Education is key.


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