Tylan Thomas, Two Years Old, Bayou Body Count No. 133

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Reginald Dancy was arrested without incident.
A live-in boyfriend has been charged with capital murder in the beating death of his girlfriend's two-year-old son.

Reginald Dancy, 22, is accused of killing Tylan Thomas via " blunt force trauma to the abdomen."

The boy died August 30 in an apartment on the far southwest side. Dancy told cops he had disciplined the boy for being up at 2 a.m. fooling with a DVD player; investigators waited until an autopsy was performed to charge him.

Dancy later told investigators he woke up around 2 a.m. and saw the baby playing with a DVD player. Dancy stated he disciplined the child and attempted to strike him in the buttocks but missed and hit his back. The baby then fell onto his bed. Dancy stated he then left the baby in his room, returned a few hours later and found the baby convulsing. Dancy then woke the child's mother and the two of them took the baby to the hospital.

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yal dont know what happened and what the situation was before any of this happened so dont speak on nothing. and the mother should have gotten u and been checking on her own child. thats her baby not his so she should be punished to. i actually know alot abou this guy he is a very close friend and he never intentionally hurt anyones kids or his own. maybe he hit him harder than excepted. he is a man some men dont know their own strength. God be with everyone Lil Reg to!


The child was two yrs old  they do not understand>? Another child gone all because parents DO NOT KNOW HOW TO BE PARENTS/ just kill the child that is it. Hope he goes to prison for life another we taxpayers must deal with.


 What is wrong with these mothers bringing  these men around their precious children. I 'm sure she wasn't much of a prize either I'm sure. P.O.S...Enough said

Stephanie Soliz Ss
Stephanie Soliz Ss

Apparently you dont know what was going on... The little boy had 2 broken ribs and a fractured wrist prior to this incident.... He was beating on that little boy...

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