Texas A&M Students Rally in Support of Wildfire Relief with Towels

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Say what you want about the Aggies, they are a dedicated bunch of fans. How many people do you know willing to stand for every football game for an entire season? Now, A&M students have directed some of that passion at raising money to aid victims and firefighters impacted by the massive wildfires that have spread across Texas this summer.

Their Web site, aggiewildfirerelief.com, asks fans to support the cause by purchasing maroon towels for $3 either from the Web site or at locations on campus. In addition, fans are asked to wear white and wave the maroon towels -- the inverse of their normal wear-maroon, wave-white towel tradition -- at the October 15 game against Baylor at Kyle Field.

Texas A&M prides itself on the ability of Aggies to rally around a common goal. Now more than ever, it is important to remember that we are not only Aggies, but we are Texans. It is time to show the rest of the state of Texas what the Aggie Spirit is all about.

Our goal is simple: raise as much money as possible to donate to two of the relief funds that will assist those affected by these wildfires. We are aiming to "Towel Out, White Out" for the Texas A&M home football game against the BAYLOR BEARS at Kyle Field on October 15th. We want to encourage everyone in attendance at this game to wear WHITE as a symbol of hope for the countless Texans who so greatly need it.

The student-run organization has raised more than $16,000 through towel sales and donations. Student Body President Jeff Pickering said of the effort, "Let this be an encouragement to each of you and a statement to the nation that Aggies stand in selfless service for Texas."

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Gil Velasquez
Gil Velasquez

Let it also be noted that A&M is home to the state's top tier emergency response yet for disaster relief, search and rescue, and fires and is also home to the state's top training facility for all types of situations with a real-life-simulation area known as Disaster City where they recreate specific disaster drills.  Not only that, when you think of Transtar and the mobile traffic maps and cameras, yes, you guessed it - we built those and made those through TTI (the Texas Transportation Institute) - which is an A&M branch.  This effort by the students shows that we love this state and the university system and students impact this great state at every level and in every way - from agriculture to engineering, aerospace to business - and all the way to good ol' fashioned fund raising to help others.  Gig 'Em.


Do A&M students not know the (usual) meaning of waving a white towel?

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

Damn it, as much as I loathe all things A&M, I applaud their effort.

Gil Velasquez
Gil Velasquez

The usual meaning has no bearing on the matter.  It is the 12th Man Towel.  However, for this particular fundraiser, we will be waving a Maroon 12th Man Towel.

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