In Just Six Years NASA Will Fly This Manned Rocket...If You Believe Them

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NASA's first manned rocket in a long time
Put it down in stone -- in just six years, and for just $18 billion, the rocket pictured in the artist's rendering above will be flying astronauts.

NASA says so, so it must be true.

The agency announced today the design for the manned rocket that will take astronauts to deep space and Mars.

Part of its job: inspiration.

"This launch system will create good-paying American jobs, ensure continued U.S. leadership in space and inspire millions around the world," NASA head Charles Bolden said. "President Obama challenged us to be bold and dream big, and that's exactly what we are doing at NASA. While I was proud to fly on the space shuttle, kids today can now dream of one day walking on Mars."

And they can dream of this project coming in at budget and on time, too.

Here's hoping.


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Space Center Houston

1601 NASA Road 1 (20 miles south of downtown, Houston, TX

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Moo Kow
Moo Kow

I wish they would shut that place down and let it become a cow pasture again. There were good mushrooms growing there before NASA came and turned Clear Lake into a yuppie ghetto.


If NASA was run by the same engineers (watch Apollo 13 for example) and fighter pilots who put a man on the moon I'd believe it. Unfortunately, the space-race era engineers have retired and been replaced by bureaucrats who spend most of their time involved with public relations, decorating their offices, and PhotoShopping pictures of old rockets together to come up with some "back to the future" type rocket as the next big thing. My bet is Richard Branson will get people to space before NASA does.

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