Jose Acuna: If You're Wanted for Murder, Don't Tell a Cop You Just Tapped His Car in the Parking Lot

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Mistakes were made.
You could say Jose Acuna did the right thing -- he had lightly tapped into a car in a restaurant parking lot, so he went inside to find the driver.


On the other hand, when the tapped car in question is a Center, Texas, police car and -- and really, this is the more important thing -- you have a homicide warrant out on you -- maybe it would be better to just quietly drive away.

Acuna, however, found the driver, and they went out to inspect the scratch, KTLA reports.

"Even though the car left just a scratch, they decided to call a state trooper in to investigate the accident," the station said.

The trooper apparently ran a search on Acuna's license, because he soon discovered the man was wanted for criminally negligent homicide. He had been a wanted man since June for a February incident when he ran a red light and killed a man in Panola County.

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Ribalding live in Center, Texas.

(Trust me.  I know folks from there.  It's not pretty.)

Best Co3129
Best Co3129

Ever occur to anyone maybe he did not know there was a warrant. Im sure there are people in that county, and near by that will stand before the lord and get what they deserve.

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