Matthew Wayne Fuller: Police Say He Forced Six-Year-Old Girl to Watch Sex Tape

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Angelina County Sheriff's Department
Matthew Wayne Fuller
If, as has been suggested, Lufkin is the weird-crime "Florida of Texas," then the Lufkin-adjacent hamlets of Etoile, Huntington and, last but not least, Zavalla are the "Floridas of Lufkin."

Guys like 31-year-old Matthew Wayne Fuller seem all too thick on the pine-straw-littered ground there. Angelina County Sheriffs say Fuller forced a six-year-old girl to sit in his lap and watch a homemade video recording of Fuller having sex with his wife, a woman the girl also knows. He then told the girl to "go play" and closed out the video on his computer.

The girl evidently first told her mother about the incident, and then the girl told the same story to area child advocates during a subsequent forensic interview.

Police arrested Fuller last Wednesday. He's been charged with child endangerment -- police say he put the girl in imminent danger of mental impairment by showing her the sex tape.

Someone paid his $5,000 bail the day he was arrested. If convicted, he could face two years in state jail, a sentence from which there would be no parole or any other form of early release.

Despite his unfortunate middle name and place of residence, Fuller's prior record appears to be clean.

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No he is not a cop nor was he grooming her! She did not sit and watch a video , remember there are two sides to every story.. the wife is a complete and total drug headed alcoholic who doesn't even make sure her children are fed before her habits or opening her legs, this is not what actually happen so maybe before people start running their mouth they should hear it all


Can you say "grooming" ? I'm just glad the girl told her mom, and that mom had the good sense to report him, before he escalated.  


No child would sit still  kids just do not do that. so glad he got caught. oh yes looks like a looser


That is the hairstyle of a sophisticate.


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