Facebook Complaints: A Crisis for Our Time

They dare to change this free service???
The universe has been rent to shreds, life as we know it has ended, and doom and despair ride the land.

Or something like that. Facebook did some stuff today, and if there's one thing about social media, it's that nothing can be changed without a ton of people bitching about it.

Netflix changes the way you get movies delivered effortlessly to your house? Crisis.

Twitter tweaks its format? Your Twitter feed will be filled with nothing but complaints and comments.

Whenever a Web site like Gawker changes its layout, it's an apocalypse.

It gets better, people. Just take a breath. It gets better.

Louis CK famously said it best:

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Here's the deal - FB has hundreds of developers.  If the website was declared "finished" at some point, most of those developers would be out on the street.

What happens, instead? Let's build THIS, let's build THAT, let's make the text display upside down, lets make the text "Pirate Talk" all sorts of BS that has nothing to do with making the site more usable, but impresses the geek in the next cubicle at FB.

It happened with MySpace - very popular, worked OK, but change for the sake of change took it past the tipping point to Bloated and a mess.

It has always been thus ...

Jim C
Jim C

Which is why every year every Microsoft product has a new version.  Whether you want there to be or not.


Remember people, theres always google +.


it's not so much "how dare they" as "why the hell would they"?  when things are well organized and working why throw the whole thing upside down and disgruntle millions of users?  it may be free, but they're making money off the supposition that we're using it.  the more unhappy we become with it, the less we will use it and the less money they will make.   FB's own self interest would indicate that a little restraint and perhaps some market research are in order before fracking the whole thing up.

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