The 10 Coolest Houston Fire Station Patches: Skulls, Gangs & Singed Balls

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With everyone watching the wildfires blazing around the state, it's a good time to think good thoughts about the people who risk their lives as firefighters.

Each Houston Fire Department station has its own patch, and some of them are very cool. Or odd.

Here are the ten best, in our humble opinion.

10. Station 35: Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta
This isn't so much a station patch as it is a gang symbol, from the name "Boulevard Kings" to the evil crowned dude to the death-or-glory motto. Respek.

9. Station 74: 'Roided up and ready to go
The "Guardians of Greenspoint" is another great name, especially for a neighborhood most call "Gunpoint." And that Dalmatian puts Brian Cushing to shame.

8. Station 55: Old school. Really old school
Any kid who sees this patch will wonder what the hell an Indian chief and a buffalo have to do with the phrase "double nickel." Station 55 is hard-core Federalist, and they don't need no Thomas freaking Jefferson on their coins.

7. Station 37: Wordless. And bad-ass
Mottos are for pussies.

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Steve Richardson
Steve Richardson

Hey...I designed all of the cool patches.  Next time, please give a little bit of credit to the artist especially if you are going to take the images off his/her website.  Thanks.



Look up Houston fire department station 6 on facebook...we mixed old and new that represents sixth Ward.

Tunnel Mole
Tunnel Mole

Badasssss! These remind me of USN air stations' squadron logos.

Back to firefighters (Gawd love 'em), wasn't the series finale of Rescue Me good? It has limped along for years, but after that final episode, I'm gonna miss it.


The patches are great; the captions are priceless!

But instead of Speedy Gonzalez for Station 20, how 'bout a bottle of Pepto?  The jalapenos start the fire and the Pepto... well, you know.


And then folks are shocked by the sexual harrassment and racism exhibited by these juveniles.

Steal only good shit
Steal only good shit

Makes you even prouder of our guys, you men rock and THANK YOU ALL !!!!!!!


Broad, snarky generalizations about firefighters? What are you, a communist?

Also, some of those are pretty all right. And the over-the-top ones are probably at least a little tongue-in-cheek.

Except Station 35. Sorry, that shit is corny.

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