Confidential, the Classic Gossip Mag: Eight of Its Most Baffling Headlines

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Confidential was the most-feared Hollywood magazine back in the day. While still somewhat sedate by 21st-century standards, it was no-holds-barred in classic Hollywood.

Famously, it lost a libel suit (in Britain) for saying Liberace was gay.

Anyway, looking at covers that are floating around the Web, there are lots of juicy-sounding stories. And then there were stories that sounded, well, a lot less juicy.

8. Eartha Kitt and the Man Who Sat There -- All Night!
This story got somewhat overshadowed by the Liberace one, but we're breathless: A man? Who sat there? ALL NIGHT? With an exclamation point?

7. You Are Being "Taken" By Phony Bargains!
Bing Crosby's boys can't hold a candle to the shocking breaking news that some companies may be using unscrupulous selling methods. Although given the use of quotation marks, we're not sure if people are being "taken" or not.

6. When Joan Collins Was the Perfect Hostess
You can have your wacky weekend in the mountains, Jayne Mansfield. Us, we'd rather hear about the time the vichyssoise was chilled to perfection, the seating chart left no one feeling abandoned, and everyone got a nice parting gift from Joan Collins.



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Tunnel Mole
Tunnel Mole

These are cute and quaint, 'til you see the banner headilne on Why the army hanged Emmett Till's dad?!?!

Didn't that family go through enough?? The story of Emmett Till is one of the saddest in our country's history....

Mel Sharkskin
Mel Sharkskin

Now, I know Alain Delon was the mold they used to make frogs in the '60s. And I recall Buffy Sainte-Marie was being promoted as "The Next Joan Baez." But who the hell was Joan Baez?

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