China Sends Cops to HPD, HPD Sends Them to Hospital

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Two Houston police cars at the agency's driving range had "a timing issue" with a maneuver this morning, and crashed.

Among the passengers: Cops from Houston's sister city in China, who were being shown just how great HPD drivers are.

The Houston Chronicle reports "five Chinese law enforcement dignitaries" were sent to hospitals near the facility, which is by Bush Intercontinental Airport.

No word on whether the Chinese officers will attend a shooting-range demonstration upon their release.


China, HPD

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No telling, China and the US might eventually both end up on the shooting range..


Confucius says: Man who drives like hell, bound to get there.

Richard Doll
Richard Doll

Well done Mr. Connelly; your headline sums up the story, and your closing sentence brought a smile to my face!

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