Helicopters Save Bastrop Park's Historic Building, For Now

Categories: Texas

The Refractory in Bastrop State Park, built by FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps back in the Depression, had a close call today with the wildfires that have hit the park hard.

At 2 p.m., the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department says, fires got within 200 yards of the structure.

"About 20 minutes later help arrived in the form of two Chinook helicopters under contract to the Texas Forest Service, which flew dozens of sorties over the park dumping tons of water taken from a small lake on the park's golf course," the agency says.

"When the operation ended about an hour later the billowing black smoke was gone and incident commander Robert Crossman said the operation had made a significant impact on the fire," TPWD added.

So not everything is gone, but there's no rain in sight.

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