We Want Interns (in the Best Way)

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We are very glad to report that there are still a ton of young people looking to get into journalism, in whatever form it might take as the years go by.

We're looking for a few of them to be interns this fall.

You have to be taking a journalism course and make sure you're getting credit for your time here, but if you think you have what it takes, apply by e-mailing your résumé and clips to Internship Coordinator Olivia Alvarez, Olivia.Alvarez@HoustonPress.com.

You will not be put to "work" making copies, going on lunch runs or doing makework. We're looking for motivated people who can come up with story ideas, handle story assignments, and write clear, crisp copy. We won't hang you out to dry, but we won't baby-sit either.

Mad skillz in video or photography are obviously a plus.

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