Top 5 Worst C-USA Football Games of 2011 (With Suggested Alternatives)

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Pillow Fight! Uh, we mean, Conference USA football!
We suppose that everything has its less-than-stellar companion. However, Conference USA's ugly twin is really freaking gross.

The best games involving C-USA programs in 2011 are something to look forward to.

The worst games? Never.

Seriously, why do these sucky things exist?

Promo image for the UTEP-New Mexico State game
5. UTEP at New Mexico State, September 17
Las Cruces' Aggie Memorial Stadium will host this non-conference game that will look more like tiddlywinks than a clash between C-USA and the Western Athletic Conference. Not sure which team will use its "squidger" to pop a "wink" with more ferocity. Frankly, we don't really care.

Suggested alternative: Expand your Hatch green chile consciousness.

4. Every Tulane home game, September 3 through November 10
The Louisiana Superdome is a top-notch venue when full. But when it's empty, which is what happens each time the Green Wave run out of the tunnel, it feels like an ill-placed mausoleum with exciting rebranding potential. For an extra-special experience, the October 22 home match-up against the lowly Memphis Tigers promises to be a real wing-dinger.

Suggested alternative: Spend four hours gorging yourself on Big Easy-esque beignets

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These games exist becuase the BCS school won't play the non-BCS schools unless it's at their place

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