Top 5 Best C-USA Football Games of 2011 (With Predictions)

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Case Keenum's comeback attempt starts September 3.
Last week, Hair Balls broke down some of the best (as well as the worst) games of the 2011 football season involving Big 12 teams.

Now, Conference USA, which just wrapped up its media days in Memphis, gets a similar treatment.

Houston, thanks to the return of QB Case Keenum, is all over this list. One of the favorites of the East (Central Florida) and another one from the West (SMU) also show face.

UTEP and Memphis, for obvious reasons, do not.

Rice RB Sam McGuffie
5. Houston vs. Rice, October 27
The Cougars, if all goes well, could boast a pretty good record by the time this Thursday-night game rolls around. Folks shouldn't sleep on Rice, who returns 15 starters, including leading rusher Sam McGuffie. However, UH's unstoppable offensive attack is too much for those poor little Owls. Rice fans should start drowning their sorrows at Valhalla now.

Prediction: UH 48, Rice 34

4. SMU at Texas A&M, September 4
When big stuff is expected of the Aggies, they usually screw the pooch. This season, A&M is slotted to finish in the top three of the new Big 12, which means this will be one of week one's trendy upset picks. It's not going to happen. The Mustangs' run 'n' shoot offense keeps the game close for a while, but turnovers and penalties ultimately do them in.

Prediction: A&M 32, SMU 20

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The UCLA game "is probably going to sell out?" Probably???? I think it is a guarantee sell out. May not stay full for long, being an afternoon game on Sept 3, but it will sell out.

El Mero Chingon
El Mero Chingon

Trying to remember the last time SMU beat Houston, even though every year it is "their year." Hold on, let me think........

Hang on, still thinking.....


Just another minute, I'll come up with it....


I was thinking the same thing.  Last year SMU kept faking injuries at Roberston in order to delay the game.  UH won of course and June Jones was exposed as the coach of the soft handed rich kids.


Last year the SMU game was in Dallas Craigley. 

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