Houston Texans Game C -- 4 Winners, 4 Losers

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Mario Williams: MIA
Had I been planning ahead, this might not have been a bad little weekend to get out of town and head to the West Coast. You had my Houston Astros (I know they are mine because the slogan tells me so -- "These are YOUR Astros!" Why thank you, Drayton! Thank you so much!) in San Francisco taking on the Giants in my favorite ballpark in the major leagues, [Whatever phone company it is this year] Ball Park in San Francisco.

Then Saturday night, in Game C of the preseason (continuing to respect the "letter the preseason, number the regular season" nomenclature) the Houston Texans (can they be MINE, too?) took on a bunch of guys wearing San Francisco 49er uniforms (wait, that was their real team?) in a stadium that last week doubled as an Ultimate Fighting cage when the Raiders came to town.

Add to that potential trips to Fisherman's Wharf for the clam chowder and maybe a trip to Alcatraz (say it like Sean Connery, kids -- "Welcome to the ROCK!"), and if I were thinking ahead that would have been a sweet 48 hours.

But alas, I am an idiot. And I am here. Blogging. For you. Let's do this. Four winners and four losers from this weekend's Texans-49ers tilt:


1. Brooks Reed and his high motor
There are a lot of little draft dork terms that I like -- fluid hips, wing span, arm slot, great feet. But my favorite is "high motor." Basically what that means is that from the time the ball is snapped to the time the whistle blows to end a play, a player is doing something disruptive, or at the very least attempting to do something disruptive. And at the very, VERY least, moving around feverishly a lot so as to make the uneducated football fans say "WOW he tries hard!" ("High motor" is usually accompanied by "overly exuberant celebrations" and "primal screams.")

Linebacker Brooks Reed has a high motor. All you had to do was watch him in college at Arizona to ascertain this. On the stat sheet last night, Reed had one tackle for loss. That was it. Yet, it felt like he disrupted about five or six different plays and was in the opposing pocket all night long. That's the thing about the high motor; it defies the stat sheet sometimes. Brooks Reed definitely needs to get more playing time, but more on Mario Williams in a minute...

2. Troy Nolan and his Bay Area swag
The safety position certainly feels like it's more under control than it was this time last year. (Actually, what position on defense doesn't feel that way?) Glover Quin appears to be making a smooth transition and Danieal Manning is the first true "plus player" veteran they've had back there in the Kubiak Era. (Sorry, Bernard Pollard fans, When you're let go outright by two teams in three seasons...well, I don't need to explain.) The battle for the two spots behind Quin and Manning was going to be interesting. Dominique Barber can't seem to stay healthy, Shiloh Keo is a rookie, so Nolan seemed to have the inside track on a reserve spot anyway. But just to make sure, he had two picks last night including one for a weaving, zig-zagging touchdown. If you remember, last season the Bay Area was kind to Nolan as well when he registered his first two picks of his career against the Raiders. Unrestricted free agency can't get here soon enough for Nolan, who likely has a five-year, $65 million offer from Al Davis waiting for him in two years as a result.

3. San Francisco police
I don't personally know any San Francisco police officers, but I would assume most of them are fans of the 49ers. I would also assume the ones who work the beat at Candlestick probably could have used a night off after last weekend's bloodbath in the stands during the preseason game with the Raiders.

I wouldn't blame any of the Bay Area 5-0 if they were privately rooting for a Texans ass kicking so the crowd would leave by halftime and get a night off. Well, wish granted. By the third quarter, Candlestick looked like a Florida Marlins game.

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re: Mario. Did you watch the game?

Sure it's easy to be yet another Mario-hating sheep, parrot the words of the typical, uninformed "rabid Texans fan" and diss Mario, but he IS showing improvement at the new position. He was involved in several QB pressures and – although not statistically – contributed to at least two sacks. Plus, he is helping to free up other players who in turn disrupt QB play.

Is his visible improvement rapid enough? Probably not. At least not for the typicall "fan." So please, stop spouting off like an idiot – telling people what they want to her – and keep a couple of things in mind –

1) Any intelligent NFL fan knows that Wade Phillips is likely showing close to zero when it comes to what will actually be done with Mario once the regular season begins.

2) The move of Mario to outside linbacker was a scheme-driven COACHING decision. And it was made by one of the most creative and experienced d-coordinators in the game today. If it doesn't work out, it won't be Mario's fault. Is he the physical prototype for the position? Probably not. But someone with a lot higher football IQ than you or me has a plan for him that has not yet been revealed or come to fruition. Regardless, what he will likely end up being is more of a hybrid d-end / OLB anyway. He will put his hand down on occasion, move around the line, etc. Again, what we're seeing from Wade in the preseason is largely plain vanilla.

3) There are 31 other teams in the league who would jump at the chance to have Mario Williams.

So shut up.

Why don't you leave us all alone and go back to gravy-training off of Jim Rome?


I said it at the time and am saying it again- 3 yrs $10 million for Jacoby was the biggest reach of this off season.  This mistake was compounded by cutting Mr. Velcro-hands David Anderson in order to keep.  Jacoby has been nothing but frustrating in his time as a Texan- he's got game-changing speed but his lack of hands and bone-headed plays negate his wheels.  Why the Texans didn't pursue a quality #3 WR either via the draft or free agency is beyond me.  I hope Andre stays on the field all season or that might come back and haunt them.


@4Q  We're sorry, the Houston Texans propaganda source is now located at chron.com. Remember this name, JOHN MCCLAIN.  He has a full pitcher of Koolaid, just for you.  The first 1,000 customers will receive a pancakes tattoo on their ass.


Yeah, Sean! Stop being mean to Mario and saying what plenty of other more "in the know" football people are also saying. Stop spouting "facts" and giving your "opinion" on this "blog" and go back to reading "takes" on the Maybelline Midget's radio show. Pack up shop, leave you NATIONALLY SYNDICATED radio show that you "earned" through hard work and perserverance, and go win another Smack Off or two because your Mario Williams takes are embarrassing Luke Walton.


As a host of a nationally syndicated radio show, Sean should do more than simply repeat what everyone else is saying about Mario Williams. That's too easy. But that's how most radio hosts and so-called sports journalists operate these days. By simply regurgitating what they're being fed and placating the masses by telling them what they want to hear.

Winning smack offs? Who gives a crap. This has nothing to do with Sean's credibility. In fact, I'd say it makes him a less reliable source for objective information.


You obviously work for Sean. Or are a close friend. That's glaringly apparent. So please let him know – his evaluation of Mario was just plain LAZY.

And I'm far from a kool-aid drinker. I prefer to evaluate this team objectively, as opposed to making sweeping assumptions based strictly on a stat line. Everyone is so quick to anoint Brooks Reed as the second coming of Clay Matthews. Sure, he appears to be a great pick and has a nose for the ball – but a question: what has Reed done against a starting offense in a regular season game (or preseason game for that matter)? Nothing yet. If he proves it in the regular season, then fine.


Or maybe the reason everyone is saying the same thing about Mario is that it's true. Sean wasn't even overly critical of Mario, he stated fact. Against a team like the 49ers Mario's stat line and involvement should have been more apparent. Did it not bother you that the person with the "higher football IQ" made the decision to move Mario to LB during a lockout, while unable to make contact with him, and based solely off of film study? Sean didn't say "Mario Williams sucks and will never be good at the OLB position; he simply stated that the move going to take time. In essence you confirmed those thoughts exactly by admitting that his progress has not been as rapid as it everyone would've liked.

As far as winning Smack-offs...I wasn't trying to imply that being a 5 TIME WINNER gives Sean any credibility, I was simply riffing on your request that he "go back to gravy-training Jim Rome". I think it's clear to anyone that listens to or reads Sean that he is as good or better than Jim in many respects and has no need to bank off of Jim's name. For one, Sean burned off more funny while doing QWL than Jim has ever had in his entire life, and when he interviews someone you don't get the mental picture of a guy cleaning his Titleist on the 6th tee at the local Muni.

By the way, not sure if you realized this, but this is a blog. Blogs are for opinion. If you want reporting and strict, fact based, analysis allow me to direct you to Yahoosports.com.

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