Stuart James Huffman: Police Say Alleged Wife-Beater Was Caught Drunk Driving With Kids

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Pearland PD
Stewart Huffman: Takes the kids along.
Coming on strong as both a Husband and Dad of the Year candidate is 41-year-old Stuart James Huffman.

Police say that after returning to their Pearland McMansion from a bar, Huffman and his wife got into an argument around 3:45 a.m. Friday. The dispute turned heated, and the wife later told police that she worried Huffman might hit her -- and back on April 23, he had allegedly done just that. (Huffman was charged with assault by contact in connection with that incident.) She picked up the phone and dialed 911.

Police say that while the mother was talking to the dispatcher, Huffman jabbed a lit cigarette into her neck.

Then he rousted his four-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter from bed, piled them in the car and allegedly drove off into the night.

Having heard from the mom that Huffman had been drinking heavily, police were hot on his trail. They soon found Huffman, still driving around with the two kids in the car. After a field sobriety test, he was taken to Pearland City Jail.

Huffman now faces two felony charges: driving while intoxicated with a child passenger and assault / family violence, enhanced from a misdemeanor due to the fact that it was alleged to be continuous rather than an isolated incident. If convicted of the latter charge, he could be sentenced to ten years in prison.

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The Burning Bed
The Burning Bed

is he giving any 'stache rides? that aren't at gunpoint, I mean


That photo says one thing: "Winning!"


Is he wearing a Star Trek shirt?  He better be ready to set his phaser to sodomized.

Tunnel Mole
Tunnel Mole

Anal probes are part of the price you pay when you're that classy.

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