Robert L. Hedrick: Pan Am's Big Comeback Likely Stalled With Its President's Child-Porn Indictment

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A child-porn indictment qualifies as a wrench in the plans
Robert L. Hedrick made a big splash last October, inviting former Pan Am employees back to Brownsville's original pan Am building to announce the creation of an airline with a similar name that had plans to fly routes from that city to Latin America and even Johannesburg.

"Hedrick and his staff have been preparing for their grand opening for more than two years," a press release said. "'I want to thank all the communities in south Texas and and northern Mexico which have welcomed us with open arms,' Hedrick said."

As far-fetched as a Brownsville-to-Johannesburg plan might have been, the odds have just gotten longer: Hedrick has been indicted for producing, distributing and possessing child pornography.

The charges, the U.S. Attorney's Office says, "arise out of alleged Internet contact between Hedrick and undercover investigators in Louisiana and Wisconsin posing as minors during two separate operations during which Hedrick is alleged to have shared multiple images of child pornography."

Sharing child porn with children? That's taking it the extra step.

If convicted, let's just say Hedrick faces a long prison sentence, between the alleged production of material and sharing it with kids.

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