Pedro Rosales: Allegedly Tried to Convince Kid to Take The Rap for His Child Porn

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Pedro Rosales: That must have been some other body.
A Houston man caught with a computer full of child porn tried to convince "a juvenile family member" to take the rap for it, the U.S. Attorney's Office says.

Pedro Rosales, 32, thought "that if the juvenile claimed the images/videos, the family member would not be prosecuted because of age," prosecutors say.

The stand-up scheme didn't work, sadly for him; he's been indicted and is now being held without bond pending trial.

An investigation found that Rosales was making child porn -- which included bondage scenes -- available to others on the web via peer-to-peer software.

They got a warrant for his Houston residence and "seized a computer which upon forensic examination was found to contain more than 600 digital images and approximately 36 videos of child pornography," the USAO says.

He faces child-porn distribution charges, which carries a minimum five-year prison term and a maximum of 20 years without parole.

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It's safe to assume that this is the SAME Pedro the Pedo that posts here. BTW...where is he today? LOL. I called it!!!


This shit-wipe should be buried under the prison.  Literally, buried alive.


they should just have the max for this stuff..seriously scum

Prison will be fun
Prison will be fun

Possessing child porn -- and it's not evidence to convict someone: 20 to life

Possessing child porn -- and trying to foist it off ON YOUR OWN CHILD:  a deeper level in hell

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