For the Nixon Resignation Anniversary: 8 Pictures of Him Looking Extremely Awkward

Our long national nightmare ended 37 years ago Monday, when Richard Nixon became the only president (so far) to resign from the office.

Nixon's career has always been fascinating, and modern audiences have a difficult time understanding how someone who was so not made for the camera could win the White House.

It wasn't just his appearance: Few prominent people have been as uncomfortable in their skin as Nixon. (We mean physically, but obviously it's not limited to that.)

Here are eight pictures showing Nixon at his awkward best.

8. When will this black man stop hugging me?
A famous shot from a re-election rally. Sammy Davis Jr. never lived it down, but at least he enjoyed the moment more than the stiff Nixon.


7. The world's saddest dog
Yes, that's Checkers, made famous in the speech that saved Nixon's career. And that's Nixon, ignoring his dog's baleful look while pretending to read a newspaper.


6. With a yo-yo and Roy Acuff
At the Grand Ole Opry, Nixon not only failed with the yo-yo, he tried to tell the audience about a dinner at the White House with recently released POWs:

We had some fine Hollywood stars, you know, singing some of the more modern music that is --well, it is a little hard to understand. I mean, well, I was going to say a moment ago, you have a tendency to pay a little more attention to what the girls are not wearing than hearing the music, but you did a little of that tonight here, too, I can see. But she could sing, she could sing.

Richard Nixon, ladies and gentlemen!


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walking through the lapping waves in your best broughams.

Brogues. They're called brogues.

I thought you might include the photo of Nixon laughing that Esquire magazine used in their dubious achievements issue over the years. Why is this man laughing?


"But I was always a yeller dawg Democrat!"

Nixon did a lot to establish worthy social service programs. Then Reagan swept in with his "Ketchup: The New Vegetable" and dismantled them all. We should have known something was askew, if only because tomatoes are fruit, not veggies.


Whenever circumstances beyond my control force me into proximity with the neo-hippie tie-dyed Last Concert crowd - folks who think that it's a statement of individuality to say "groovy" a lot - my reaction is "Nostalgic for the 60s? My God, don't you idiots remember Nixon?


Those are some great pictures. I think the Budweiser pic might be better than the Elvis pics.

Of course, the NEXT probable frame - where Budweiser Guy got clobbered by Secret Service - would have been even better.

It takes real balls to pour beer over the head of Tricky Dick.

MSW with clarification
MSW with clarification

Oops..."yeller dawg" referred to Checkers' last words. I'm getting off the computer and getting a margarita!


MSW - In a horticultural sense, just about any edible seed pod is considered a "fruit." The part we eat of eggplants, peppers, okra, squash, green beans, etc. are as much fruits as termaters. Not sure what the exact definition of vegetables is - leaves, roots and folks who don't tie their conservative-Christian Fox-News "corporate hegemony means free enterprise" voting patterns to getting downsized, outsourced and foreclosed on would be my guess.

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