Khanh Vu: Fish-Farm Owner Says Ignore the Shotgun Shells, Those Protected Birds Died Because of Transmission Lines

Time for revenge.
The owner of a Palacios fish farm was found guilty of killing 90 protected brown pelicans and a slew of other birds, the U.S. Attorney's Office says.

Khanh Vu, the owner of Seaside Aquaculture Inc., faces a fine of up to $15,000 and six months in prison for his conviction.

Investigators found shotgun shells and the carcasses of birds on his property after a tip, but there was a good explanation: "At trial, the defense unsuccessfully attempted to convince the jury that the birds had died as a result of running into power lines," the USAO says.

Brown pelicans were not the only targets who were apparently threatening Vu's fish.

The casualty list:

90 brown pelicans
17 great blue herons
five great egrets
four black-crowned night herons
four turkey vultures
two osprey
two gulls
one scaup

Not a scaup!! Yes, even a scaup.

Vu did admit to killing six of the pelicans because they were eating his fish, but denied the others. Employees also denied to investigators that they had killed the birds.

Federal law prohibits "the killing, at any time or in any manner, any migratory bird or any part, nest or egg of any such bird" that is specified by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, such as the brown pelican.

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Killing animals is the only place mass murderers and serial killers can universally get away with it. When I hear about stuff like this I want to chop the guys arms off.

"But They eat my fish!" "I've got to protect my business!"

Fuckhead, that's because they EAT FISH. THEY'RE BIRDS YOU FUCKING DONKHEAD!! what do you expect is going to happen when you happily pool their food source into one giant place without protecting them? No deterrent nets? no protective pens for the fish? the only dumb creature here seems to be the fish farmer.


a better defense would've been "I was trying to scare the birds off with my shotgun"


What a jerk. He should serve more time.

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