Jon Buice: Parole Reversed for Gay Basher

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Jon Buice stays in prison.
Jon Buice, who had been awarded a controversial parole after serving time for his role in the gay-bashing death of Paul Broussard, will not be a free man after all.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles today reversed its earlier decision granting Buice parole in less than half of his 45-year murder sentence, saying it had received "much additional information...including information that was new."

Montrose residents protested the decision, as had several local politicians.

One of them was State Rep Garnet Coleman, who called the reversal "the right thing to do."

Coleman's statement:

Paul was deliberately targeted because of his sexual orientation and was a victim of a hate crime -- even if the law didn't define it as such at that time. Jon Buice and his accomplices not only brutally murdered someone, they also sought to inflict fear upon an entire community.

Thanks to the vigilance of the victim's mother, Ms. Nancy Rodriguez, and the action taken by the many supporters around the state and nation, the Board of Pardons and Paroles withdrew the decision to parole Jon Buice. This is the right thing to do and I applaud their decision.

Last week I joined Senators Ellis, Gallegos, and Whitmire at the dedication of the Montrose Remembrance Garden, in honor of Paul Broussard and other victims of hate crimes. I am proud to have worked with them and other colleagues, such as Rep. Jessica Farrar, on this issue. I've been involved in this fight since 1994 when the first of the offenders became eligible for parole.

Buice's pardon had been supported by longtime gay-rights activist Ray Hill, who said Buice had been rehabilitated in prison.

The parole board's statement:

BUICE, Jon, TDCJ# 630496_Parole Approval Withdrawn

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Jon Buice took a plea deal to serve 45 years in prison for the heinous, atrocious murder and attack of three innocent men, who were merely walking down a street on their way home.  He took the plea deal because his attorney correctly felt that, if he went before a jury, they would give him life w/out parole.In fact, there are many, many people on Texas' death row whose crimes weren't as shocking as this murder and attempted murder.  45 years should mean 45 years, period.  I don't care how well Buice has done in a controlled environment with plenty of time on his hands.  Frankly, I find getting college degrees and "apologizing" to the gay community for the crime to be self-serving actions.  The "apology," while eloquent, minimized his involvement, claiming he had "blacked out" the night of the murder, and blamed what happened on alcohol and "male bonding."  In other words, he's using the "boys will be boys" excuse.  

I find Ray Hill's actions in this case, to put it kindly, bizarre.  If Hill wants to privately support a murderer, that's his right, but for him to publicly act as though he is speaking for a community of people is infuriating. I'm glad he's impressed with Buice, but only the victims' families are in a position to argue for an early release. 

MOST disturbing is Hill's apparent complete memory loss regarding the facts of the case, when he publicly stated that the brutal murder was "not about hate, but words being exchanged and a fight breaking out."  For Hill to say this about the most notorious gay-bashing crime in Houston history suggests to me he has either totally lost it, or that his relationship with Buice renders him incapable of being objective.


fuck this asshole. keep him in prison. Rehabing this prick won't bring back the very real person he targeted and cruelly killed for being gay. cruel and unusual? Isn't that what being killed for being who you are would be considered?


Keep Jon Buice in prison where he belongs.  He should have thought about the consequences of his actions beofre he commited the crime of murder.  No matter how sorry he is now, that doesn't bring back the life of a deceased loved one.

I also don't buy the excuse that Buice was high on drugs and alchol: so.  Alot of people do that every weekend and don't go out and commit any kind of crime, much less the crime of murder.

I also question why Ray Hill is so involved with his case.  Would Hill be working so diligently if Buice was ugly and not good looking?


That is a probably the most real thing ever said by a poster on this blog


Granting clemency and then denying it is the very definition of 'cruel and unusual punishment'.

I've been to prison.  This guy is being abused for (valid) political principles.  His very life has become a pawn in an ongoing game of political chess.

NO ONE deserves that special kind of torture.

Let him go or throw away the key.  Doesn't matter which.  Just give the poor bastard some finality.  It's the Christian thing to do.


Ray Hill is harshly critical of our prison system, and rightly so.  It treats people like trash and then people wonder why there is so much recidivism.  It's disgusting how some people laugh about prisoners being raped in prison.  Some may find this amusing, but I think prison should be a place to learn, heal, and grow, not a filthy, festering shithole.

That said, Buice is a menace and definitely should not be let out.  It's just unfortunate that this is the only prison system we've got to contain him in.


no one deserves to be attacked and beat with a nail studded board and then stabbed to death either!


It's interesting to read your comment about prison treating "people like trash" and a "filthy, festering shithole."  You say prison should be a place to "learn, heal and grow."  

Ray Hill's entire supposed reason for supporting Jon Buice is because Buice claims prison has made him a better person, and allowed him to grow as as person and to get a strong education.  In other words, if a prisoner WANTS to "learn, heal and grow" it appears that is entirely possible in prison (if we take Buice at his word).  Your logic seems a bit out there, to say the least.

You're right though that Buice should never be released, and, even as a gay guy, I question Ray Hill's tireless support for a brutal murderer.  Either Hill enjoys the attention and controversy, or he's in this too personally and has lost total touch with reality.  

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