International Incident! Georgetown Basketball Loses a Brawl to the Chinese (w/VIDEO)

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China, be glad Michael Graham wasn't there.
I've said many times that the greatest sports memories that we have tend to fall into that (relatively) carefree part of our lives from teenage years through mid to late 20s, before the burden of life and lack of free time infringe upon our ability to enjoy/consume the genre.

So with that theory of mine rehashed, this week has been a nice trip down memory lane and a return to my halcyon sports fan years back in the mid '80s. First, we have the University of Miami with roughly their entire two-deep from the last decade getting paid big money by a convicted felon. That was nice.

And now we have the Georgetown Hoyas making news by starting a fight! (I stress the word starting because you'll see how it finished.)

In case you haven't heard the story, here's a recap (courtesy of AP):

A wild brawl broke out between Georgetown and a Chinese men's basketball team Thursday night, putting an immediate end to a supposed goodwill game that coincided with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's visit to the country.

The benches cleared and fights erupted all over the court with about 9 1/2 minutes left in the fourth quarter. The rest of the exhibition between Georgetown and the Bayi Rockets was called off.

Biden did not attend the game.

And in case you haven't seen it yet, here's a handheld video of the incident:

A few observations from a very disheartened fan of the "Hoya Paranoia" Georgetown teams of the 1980's:

1. We don't have the backstory to what led up to this video, but based on what we can (barely) see, it appears that the Chinese were playing a bit chippy and physical and the Georgetown player took exception and threw the first semi-swing. Unlike NBA brawls, the first punch was not followed by the requisite "five to seven seconds of both guys telling each other they're gonna kick the other guy's ass" before punch number two. The Chinese don't play. They immediately launched into a Four Horsemen-style beatdown on the Hoya who threw the first punch.

2. The next part of the video I blame on you, David Stern. The Chinese bench emptied in about two seconds while the Hoya reserves all seemingly stood off to the side. The whole NBA "if anyone comes off the bench they will be suspended" thing has turned into an American weakness which the Chinese exploited. Good for them. A curse upon David Stern for putting our boys in harm's way to the tune of a 15-on-5 bumrush.

3. At about the 20-second mark, a second brawl (and by brawl I mean "another Georgetown guy getting his ass kicked by four Chinese guys") breaks out on the baseline, and apparently feeling threatened by ONLY outnumbering the Georgetown players by a 3-to-1 margin, the Chinese start randomly throwing chairs into the mosh pit of players without any regard for whom they hit. It seriously looks like an old ECW card at the Bingo Hall in Philadelphia:

I need Joey Styles's commentary on the Georgetown-Bayi clip.

4. I wasn't surprised by how sparse the crowd was, but all the empty seats did make me think about the Patrick Ewing-led Hoyas of the mid '80s. If this game took place in 1985, there would not have been an empty seat in the place, it probably would have been televised, and the brawl would have led the nightly news. Ewing and company were that prominent. Which brings me to my final point....

5. If this game took place in 1985, there would have been 15 bloody, mangled Chinese basketball players scattered unconscious on the floor with Patrick Ewing, Reggie Williams, David Wingate and Michael Graham all standing over them with their hands raised amidst a shower of jettisoned half full beers and sodas and debris.

I guess if the '80s are going to be reprised in full then it's on you now, Miami. Hoya Paranoia is officially dead. It died in China.

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Who would have ever thought that finally, after decades of bad behaviour both reality show style, and in sports...the deserved would get their A$$es kicked and it's all on humiliating video. I am so so sick and tired of a bunch of punks being allowed to act like animals and get away with it all because folks are afraid of defending themselves and/or have fear of some 'out of your mind' retaliation. What happened to civility, morals and restraint? Does that not apply to EVerybody? Amazing the looks on their faces when they realize-hey someone is fighting back! and ultimately, they got a genuine beat down! Now how does it feel you whimpering little punks?! You got your heads pounded with no abandon and you couldn't fight back! Well that's how the rest of America feels 24/7...

B. Scarlett
B. Scarlett


Disclaimer: The following is not actual malice, and is intended as ribbing you in fun -one sports writer to a Cabblinasian. This disclaimer is not so much needed by Sean himself, but for the internet dregs who have fallen so far even below trolldom that they are actually are clones of the talk show CALLERS as if parroting the host wasn't quite slimy and pathetic enough. Save your death threats, I'm just poking fun. You may now return to your candles and prayer to your Cabblinasian deity.

It's not yet 6 AM and the day is full of bizarre surprise already. First of all I had no idea the Press acknowledged sports at all. Second, Sean the Cabblinasian does their sports reporting.

Somewhere around 10-13 years ago I was delivering Pizzas to work through my Journalism degree at the The North Harris community book disco before transferring to the University of Keenum just in time to suffer the coogs winless, 74th straight losing season. Someone high up in administration either had a fetish for sprint-draws stuffed in the backfield or Kim Helton had some serious dirt on someone but whoever it was, last I heard they went to UAB who watched this decade long suckfest at UH and said "Hey, we should bring that guy here so we can really suck and compete with Tulane every year in the CUSA Cellar Dwellar Pee-Wee Superbowl.

Driving around all day with food was allright, gas was reasonable still, and I had Jim Rome who occasionally provided a serious crap-your-pants-laughing-moment (DON'T FORGET MAHK MODA!) to keep me company in between dodging hornets nests and running from rabid dogs to hand off a pizza for nickel tip during hurricanes to various mansions in Champions Forest. BTW if you lived in a big house and tipped less than a dollar just so you know, the next time you ordered you either got dead ants hidden beneath your cheese, ciggarette ashes and if it was during the El Nino cricket plague you ate a lot of crickets. And no I'm not sorry, you are the one that gave an obvious angry teenager full of angst a crappy tip. You should have known you were getting an insect-lovers pizza that next time. I was a psycho 18 yr-old handling your food. Were you seriously expecting maturity?

Enter the Cabblinasian - memorable only in that I took notice that Rome said he was here in H-Town. I don't remember anything you said, but I think I did see you VIPing it up at the Enron Field tour stop and it was pretty funny when that one guy sang a Powder the Cablinasian song.

Fast-forward to the present and we are both delivering via different publications, well yours can only be found at where nudie mags are sold and mine has these cool things called boxscores and doubles its price while halfing the number of pages each year. Mine has a $200 worth of coupons for stuff that noone buys and your has "massage therapists" and phone sex lines.

Now if I have this correct, instead of getting myself into insurmountable debt to make less than a pizza driver because of my love of press boxes/ free food and football, I could have just handed a wadded up peice or torn out spiral paper with one line scribbled, "I am Powder the friendly Cablinasian and I called Jim Rome 1,032 times, I'd have the same job minus the debt plus my arsenal of football cliches would be surrounded by a "massage therapist" phone book?

Maybe I didn't need that disclaimer at all because apparently I spent 40k to write for the angriest group of editors in town and Powder calls a talk show from his mom's house and 13 years later is usning some serious black magic to keep riding his unemployed talk show caller stardom to do the same job. Life Scoreboard Powder =Racked both in call and by surrounding ads Me = -40k

Props to Sean! But while you have got the idea of writing the words now you just have to not write stupid stuff.

1. Calling out David Stern only makes everyone chuckle at the thought that Stern has ever read the HP or knows it exists or would care even if he did. FYI - David Stern is the NBA commisioner. The Hoyas are a college team. David Stern does not make or enforce NCAA rules which if you have watched either of the two, have slightly different sets of rules.

But yeah that sure would have been awesome if Patrick Hewing and crew stood over bloody Chinese people. Because that would go perfect with our warmongering image and status as the a-holes of the world. Did it ever occur to you that maybe they got what they deserved? That my country right or wrong crap is why we are a nation full of people fighting to defend a sytem that chooses to make senseless war in other countries so our rich folk can rebuild their cities, give them healthcare etc. The same people who are scared to death to let the gov take care of us here in front of our own eyes blindly trust that same gov to tell the truth about what we are doing halfway across the globe. That's lunacy. We are taught to hate the French, but they have it right. Their government is afraid of the people and they get what they want. But everytime they disagree we are running for our freedom fries and talking about how the ingrates would be all be Germans if it wasn't for us. Nevermind the FACT that we don't even win our independence without French troops, not that it was even necessary. Canada didn't have to fire a shot. Oh and those tryant Englishman watched us become the tyranny of the world while they, like Canada decided to spend all that murder money for the military on hospitals that created jobs at home and cared for the sick at home. So I'm not cshocked to see another country whoop our guys on a sports stage etc. because we are a bunch of brainwashed hillbillies that let our own govt stick it to us constantly and we beg for more and fight anyone who dares suggest our gov should give us something  instead of tearing down and rebuilding other countries.

2. Do you have any clue the significance of or why you have to be dumb as a stump to suggest in H-Town of all places that Stern encourage benches to clear during basketball games? We have very few 100% class sport legends we can boast and that number drops to two when you talk champions. Rudy Tomjonavich and Hakeem Olajuwon. Ringing any bells yet? Benches clear and the only coach to bring a major championship to us (No Dynamo you don't count) has his playing days effectively ended because of cleared benched and Kermit Washington's fist.

Seriously though, I think if you really believe that you should interview Rudy T. for the next story with the entire premise being his thoughts on your ideas about NBA rules.

While we're at it maybe we could outlaw liquids at high school football practices, hire Kim Helton to coach the Texans and pass a city ordinance making it illegal to imply in any way that Guy V. Lewis should be in the the basketball HOF.

3. Our enjoyment of sports may be loosely tied to the amount of worry at various ages in our lives but it would be the exact opposite. The more worry, the more we need escapes like sporting events. But even that is a weak premise. Let's narrow it to football. I went to my first Bayou Bucket at Rice Stadium in 1989 when I was 11. That's about the time my dad started taking me to more and more Oiler games. Yes I was 11 and carefree but that's not what made it so much fun. A Houstonians enjoyment of football is directly proportionate to the number of wide receivers used on most plays.

For a few years we had Saturdays and Sundays full of high scoring passing attacks and although the Oilers put us through the football equivalent of thinking you are hittin' it with Kate Beckinsale only to find out just as you are ready throw your hail mary that it was your grandma in a mask. It hurt and it was sickening but having the most boring team in football never make the playoffs is worse. I was shocked to find out the Texans have actually been putting up passing yardage because you could not possibly make it more of a borefest if you lined up goaline all game and ran nothing but dives. If I have to deal with losing I want another Fab Four and some serious high octane offense. If we like Andre Johnson at all we should trade him now while he's still at the top of his game instead of being the Detroit Lions and surrounding the best running back to ever play with arena league third stringers and a couple of wide receiver with no QB capable of throwing them the ball. Revise history and trade out Sanders and Emmit Smith to the other team. Sanderrs would own the all-time, single season and every other major rushing record. Emmitt Smith was a tough gutsy bacvk but he doesn't make the HOF with Detroit. And we are wasting away arguably the best wideout in football with mediocre journeyman. Draft Keenum and spend the rest of your pics on receivers and o-line and even if we go 8-8 I promise it'll be the most exciting 8-8 team possible.

Now 2006 - 2009 were some high stress years becoming a thirty-something but seeing UH come back with two great four-year QB's, add a bowl win and the 2009 games vs. Tulsa (mute and listen to Tom Franklin) Texas Tech, Okie St., and because of the excitement the stress is far away and they were some of my most memorable Houston Football moments. An occasional defensive standoff can be OK if you are getting turnovers but Houston football needs jet fuel, not gas that's been sitting in a rusted out push mower for thirty-years.

School's out now Powder. I'll have to catch you on 1560 when I'm not busy at 790 am. I'm a lowly correspondant but again I didn't have the sense to just be a caller or I'd be a host too.

Nah you are all good in my book Seaie and I enjoy your work. See ya 'round

-That guy at the other paper and other station


This reminded me of that scene in Good Will Hunting.  So refreshing.

The real ownage, of course, comes in reducing a sports columnist half a world away to crowing about imaginary victories in fantasy sports fights.

Illegal Machine
Illegal Machine

The FIRST think I thought of when I saw this video was A) These kids got their asses kicked, especially sideline kid and B) the image of Pat Ewing with blood all over his under shirt, and John Thompson with blood all over his towel standing on a mountain of punished Chinese players. Both of them delivering choke slam after choke slam.

Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood

Might be best to have a little training session or two in advance before the young Chinese take in their first Texas Rodeo. 

Edward Allen
Edward Allen

Communist china is our enemy and Americans had better wake up. This video shows the true color of these red slanty eyed freaks.

RU Nutz
RU Nutz

I pity your English teacher.


Ramble, ramble, ramble...  

WTF was that?


Baseline kid got seriously pounded.  This was like an MMA match.


Troll acknowledged.

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