Houston, You Are the Tenth Most Promiscuous City, You Slut

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Feeling at home in Houston.
Man, you host one slutwalk and....

Houston has been named the tenth most promiscuous city in the nation, in a study that we don't doubt for a second is rigorous, peer-reviewed and unassailable.

It comes from a dating site called OKCupid, but the people at OKCupid aren't answering our questions about it, so let's just take them at their word and assume their methods are sound.

CBS picked up the list for a rather information-free slideshow, which gives the rankings thusly:

1. Portland, Oregon
2. Seattle, Washington
3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
4. Miami, Florida
5. San Francisco, California
6. Dallas, Texas
7. San Bernardino, California,
8. Denver, Colorado
9. San Diego, California
10. Houston, Texas

San Bernardino, sure, we can see that. But Houston? Pittsburgh?

If ever the folks at OKCupid get back to us, we'll be sure to get to the bottom of this.

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Lol it's true though. Tons of people here looking to fix that itch. That is what you get with a world city with business people and lifers.


Hmmmm I guess the lumberjack shirts and shitty weather makes people horny in the northwest 


Screwston, Tx. Love Ya Blue, you dirty slut.


*shrug* Houstonians like sex? Not terribly surprising. It looks like CBS just found which cities had the most OKC casual sex seekers per capita and uh, their results line up with my own personl findings. ahem.


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