Houston GLBT Caucus: The Council Candidates Who Got Their Thumbs Up

Winners and losers
The influential GLBT Political Caucus has issued their list of endorsements for the city council races, including the new so-hip-it-hurts Montrose/Heights district.

There, the caucus endorsed Ellen Cohen over Montrose Realtor Karen Derr and others. For the At-Large 2 seat, they chose Jenifer Rene Pool over former state rep Kristi Thibaut.

Candidates filled out a 48-question survey "about their qualifications, campaign, knowledge of City issues, and knowledge and support of issues affecting the GLBT community," as well as sat for an interview with a panel of caucus volunteers, the organization said.

"Our endorsement process has been one of the most stringent and respected processes in the city for decades." caucus president Noel Freeman said. "Our membership takes endorsements very seriously and votes in favor of the best-qualified candidates who we know can strongly represent not only the GLBT community but all Houstonians."

The list:

District B Jerry Davis
District C Ellen Cohen
District H Ed Gonzalez
District I James Rodriguez
District J Mike Laster
District K Larry Green
At-Large 1 Stephen Costello
At-Large 2 Jenifer Rene Pool
At-Large 3 Melissa Noriega
At-Large 4 C.O. "Brad" Bradford
At-Large 5 Jolanda "Jo" Jones

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I'm glad to see you are NOT endorsing Mike Sullivan. That man has verbal diarrhea, spouting off about things he knows little about. Hh even wrote to one of my customers and misquoted the law.

Tony's Thing
Tony's Thing

if these confused clowns want to be accepted they should try to join society at large

the trendy wendy freak frat thing died a LONG time ago

stop acting like a bunch of homos

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