Getting Breaking NFL News on Twitter -- Five Locals to Follow

The General is one of the best local Twitter follows for NFL coverage there is.
When the NFL finally ended its lockout, there was not only a collective sigh of relief from football fans, there was a deep breath taken by media and team staff as the free agent frenzy -- normally lasting weeks -- would be condensed into days. Teams, players, fans and the people who report on all of it would be scrambling to figure out just what the hell was going on.

In most years, that would mean keeping glued to ESPN or local media outlets for information about your team -- in the case of most Houstonians, the Cowboys Texans. This year, there was a shift of dramatic proportions, likely hastened by the squeezed free agency period and rush to training camp. Instead of waiting for news outlets to broadcast information, everyone just watched Twitter.

Over the last few years, Twitter has become THE information source for breaking news. For those of you unfamiliar with the old school news biz, wire services like the Associated Press for many years sent news literally across wires to teletype machines in newsrooms across the world. This is how local outlets received and, ultimately, reported news.

Now, with hundreds of reporters in the field for dozens of national news outlets, news has to get into some form quickly. Twitter is how it happens. It may be a limited stream of information, but most breaking news is. People don't mind waiting for details as long as they get the headline now. News reporters are even competing with regular folks who have Twitter on their phones. If someone spots a highly prized free agent at a local airport, they just scooped the media.

Locally, we are fortunate enough to have a handful of reporters and media types to keep you posted on what is happening with our local team, the Texans. Here are five of our favorite follows locally when it comes to pro football in Houston.

5. @RichardJustice
Love him or hate him, Richard Justice is one of the best follows in all of sports. Period.

4. @awexler (Adam Wexler) and @MJ4Sports (Matt Jackson)
It is difficult to separate the longtime on-air duo, now at 790 KBME. Both have their own unique takes on sports and both are active on Twitter. The combination of the two may provide one of the best link services for local sports out there as they re-Tweet pertinent information by national talking heads with regularity.

3. @StephStradley
Many know her simply as "Texans Chick"; Stephanie Stradley has been a loyal follower of the Texans since day one, but, beyond that, she has become well respected for her thoughtful blogging about the team. When Andre Johnson dislocated his finger at practice on Tuesday, not only was she there, but she had photo evidence and gave play-by-play on her Twitter feed and blog.

2. @LanceZierlein
Probably no one in the city of Houston provides the kind of comprehensive coverage of football Lance Zierlein of 1560 The Game does. He gets in depth and gives the kind of analysis hard-core football fans love.

1. @McLain_On_NFL
Houston Chronicle NFL beat reporter John McClain has been covering football in Houston since before most of you were born. He is at virtually every practice, game, press conference, you name it. We wish he would Twitter a little more, but he has gotten substantially better over the last year and he usually has the scoop on the Texans.

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Eric S
Eric S

I think this is a good list, and I follow all 5 people on it. If anyone's looking for a 6th local football follow, I like @jharrisfootball:twitter . John Harris does the overnight for 1560/Yahoo Sports Radio. He has a gift for analyzing player performance and coaching decisions. Yes, we all know Kareem Jackson sucked last year, but John is an expert at explaining exactly what he was doing wrong that made him so terrible. His twitter stream is especially entertaining during Texans losses, when you imagine the smoke coming out of his ears.  

Mr. Blonde
Mr. Blonde

To the contrary, not everyone follows Twitter.  It is a fad for faddist, follow-the-herd sheeple types, and will be forgotten someday like Prodigy, AOL, Myspace, Facebook, etc.


John is an excellent follow, for sure.


Prodigy and AOL failed because they were ways to access the internet that were no longer necessary. MySpace failed thanks to poor management. Facebook - let's see where they are in 5 years. What makes Twitter unique is that it aggregates content - that's basically all it does. One person posts it. Another re-posts it. And so on.

It may die off eventually, but it is the best and fastest way to get information at the moment and the way that it works gives it a spot in the social networking world that will be hard to trump.


Get off Mr. Blonde's YARD!

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