Doesn't Rick Perry Know Cursive?

We've seen more Rick Perry autographs lately than we have in a long time, because basically we had never seen one before.

So we were unaware that his autograph resembles a third grader's.

Didn't they teach cursive in Paint Creek?

We're not saying this is any reflection on the intelligence of our august governor, it's just a bit odd to see an adult signing his name with block letters. We'd have some handwriting analyst speak to this, except that they're all frauds.

Here he is in today's New York Times, proof that he actually thinks of this as an actual autograph:


Is this shameful signature enough to keep him out of the White House? Let's hope so.

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Nothing to brains, character or any other attributes in this shallow excuse of a hopeful President.

Jeff D
Jeff D

Perry might do well with Indiana republicans.   They've just eliminated the requirement for Indiana elementary schools to teach cursive handwriting.   I guess cursive always had sort of an intellectual, elitist look to it, and it really isn't especially well suited to writing your name with  a crayon--or in the dirt with a stick.  

Jim C
Jim C

he probably wants people to be able to READ the damn thing.  I've written in block letters only for the last 30 years, because my cursive is pretty illegible.

There's enough real criticisms of Perry to go around without having to invent them.  You guys are getting to be almost as bad as all the people who think making fun of Obama's name and accusing him of being Kenyan makes them reely intellijint and humerus.


even his autograph is gay.

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