11 Sultry, Sexy Cowgirls on World War II Planes (NSFW)

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One of the great things about World War II airplanes, beyond their role in bringing down two savage dictatorships, was the nose art.

Officers were given pretty much carte blanche on what they could paint on the side of their aircraft, and many used women, scantily clad to one 1940's degree or another.

And of course, the cowgirl played her role. We've looked before at the genre of racy cowgirl postcards, now let's look as Cowgirls Go To War.

(Warning: Boobies galore.)

11. Texas Proud
"She's the sweetest little rosebud that Texas ever knew," the lyrics say. And we all know where Orson Welles got the name "Rosebud" from.


10. That's just depraved
Bestiality, rough sex, face-sitting: It's like the Internet was around in the '40s.


9. Weirdest weapons ever
As far as we can tell, this woman is armed with a) a pistol that shoots lightning bolts sideways, and b) a walking stick with two horseshoes attached to it. Axis beware!!!


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That girl on the Texas Raiders is holding a six shooter with smoke coming from the barrel and in her left hand is a sword in it's sheath.  Sheesh.....


I remember seeing the Yellow Rose at the air show before they made her put on a top.

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