Cowboys Are Weird: 10 Odd, Often Kinky, Vintage Comic Book Covers

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Cowboys & Aliens was the latest failed attempt to bring back the Western in any form possible, but even if the movie had succeeded it wouldn't have ushered in a cowboy-loving era like before 1970.

Cowboys were everywhere, including comic books. And some of those comic book covers were, well, a little strange. Here are ten:

10. Smell it...smell it!

Two rambunctious kinksters enjoy a forced foot-worshipping scenario, while a stern Commander Adama from Battlestar Galactica looks on.

9. Whips and cosplay
Another complicated kink scenario. And frankly, it's not exactly clear who's getting whipped here.

8. "There's noooo business like show business...."
You know, when you've got an alien spacecraft blowing up tanks and the troops you're leading are beginning to panic, it's probably not the best time to go all jazz-hands and break out your Ethel Merman impression.

7. Profiling, the early years
Look, just because he has one gun pointed at a potential victim, another one spewing smoke from just having been fired is no reason to accuse someone of being the Green-Haired Kill -- oh, wait. Yeah, go ahead and accuse.

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